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5 Best Online Stores to Buy Cheap Disposable Vapes

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If you’re new to vaping, you might possibly get startled at the vast library of vape kits on offer in the market. From box mods right though to vape pens and to pod systems, it’s not that easy to figure out what their differences are. That’s why disposable vapes go down so well with vape beginners. They’re easy, tiny and as safe as other types of vapes. They fit almost all scenarios, and hardly require any prep work before you can get the hang of them. Then where to buy some high-quality cheap disposable vapes?

Indeed, there has been a dizzying range of vape stores where disposables are put up for sale. It’s tricky to know which stores are really worthwhile, and which show up on the first page of Google just because they’re good at playing by the recommendation rules.

No worries. Now we’re here with five incredible online vape stores for you to buy cheap disposable vapes. All of them are reputable sites, supplying only authentic products from a range of regulated vape brands. They also provide good discounts and coupons from time to time.

If you’re interested in disposable vapes, read on and find out your favorite store!

Best Vape Stores to Buy Cheap Disposables

Eightvape—A Reliable Establishment with Good Discounts

  • Good discounts
  • Occasional “buy more, save more” policy
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Automatic delivery of disposables

Eightvape brings out more than 100 disposable vape gears, which has covered almost all vaping brands renowned for disposables. This online vape store has been open for several years and drawn a flock of loyal followers. We can always trust in the authenticity of its products.

Good discounts are available out there always. If we buy more disposable vapes at Eightvape, they’ll be even cheaper. Take the SWFT’s Lux Disposable Vape for example, when you buy two, you’ll get the product with an 8% off. When you buy four, the discount would spike to 15%.

Its overall website infrastructure is well-organized and straightforward. Eightvape has also rolled out an AutoShip Disposable Delivery service. Customers who subscribe to this service will receive new disposable vapes sent by Eightvape every two or four (optional) weeks. You’ll never be left empty-handed anymore!

VaporDNA—Discounts and More

  • 10% discount when you buy 10 or more
  • A variety of promotions
  • Effective filter tool

VaporDNA offers an exclusive 10% discount for disposable vapes, once the amount of items in one single order reaches 10. You can buy 10 from 1 brand alone, or customize a combo of disposables from different brands. Choose whatever gears to your liking. You might also come across bundle promotions for some disposables—then congrats, it would further save your money!

Limited-time offers are there at VaporDNA from time to time, like a $10 coupon for orders over $60 within 24 hours. Moreover, after you sign up their e-mail newsletter (or text message), you’ll get another 10% off on the first order hereafter. Make a good shopping plan, and you’ll save a great deal at this store.


The filter tool at VaporDNA is a good aid for us to select our favorite disposables. We can filter products by price, vendor and what’s on sale. The store design is simple and unencumbered—easy-to-use in a word.

NewVaping—Infinite Choices of Products and Brands

  • A large assortment of disposables
  • Favorable shipping & return policy
  • Bargain prices quite often

NewVaping has approximately 200 disposable vapes on the shelf, all of which come from reputable big vaping brands. You can definitely find something you like among such a wide range of products. The store’s user interface is friendly and easy to understand. We can sort or filter products based on various conditions, and easily locate what we really want.

Frequent sales and promotions run on across the store. Stay tuned and you’ll find some real bargains. Don’t forget to subscribe to NewVaping’s newsletter, since you’ll get a 20% off on the first order. Enjoy the massive cheap disposables at NewVaping!

Newvping is based in the UK, but targets at customers worldwide. We have to mention that its shipping and return policies have risen through the ranks of online vape stores. When any orders exceed £20, customers can enjoy free delivery within the UK, as well as an additional free mail tracking service. If you pay more, you’ll unlock more free services.

Puffin Vape Shop—Running Sales All the Time

  • A great amount of products on sale
  • Abundant flavors to choose from
  • Instruction on verify the authenticity of your disposables

If you’re a fan of brands such as HQD, Fume and Puff Bar, you should come by the Puffin Vape Shop. It runs constant sales on products, no matter they’re new arrivals or classic models, from these brands. You might also find the most complete flavor offerings there.

Puffin Vape Shop looks so unique also because of its detailed instructions on how to tell whether your disposable vapes are real. You’ll find a comprehensive guide covering products from multiple manufacturers in this store.

The online store also opens to customers all across the world. Its delivery efficiency is remarkable—the disposables will be shipped to you the same day if the order is complete before 3:00 pm (US Eastern time) between Monday and Friday. Don’t worry about a long wait to receive your parcel.

Vape HK—Selling Wholesale with Lowest Prices

  • Wholesale only
  • Very competitive prices
  • Shipping products to Australia, USA, Canada and Europe
  • Wide range of products on offer

Vape HK is an online wholesale store for a variety of vaping products, cheap disposables included. Generally, the minimum order quantity is 50 or 100—it depends on the product you select. Its prices sometimes could be double cheaper than those in retail stores. And the more you order, the higher discount you’ll get. If you have the plan to purchase disposables in great quantity, Vape HK is a safe place to go.

Here’s a comparison of prices set by different online stores for your reference:

  • Bang XXL

Vape HK: $3.80

Eightvape: $11.49

  • Geek Bar Disposable Vape

Vape HK: $5.50

Eightvape: $8.99

Newvaping: £4.99 (≈$6.81)

  • HQD Cuvie

Vape HK: $3.90

Puffin Vape Shop: $15.99

There’s a wide range of products available at the Vape HK. The store accepts orders from a great many countries such as Australia, US, Canada and those in the Europe. Any orders over $400 enjoy free shipping service.

Verdict: Which One of Them is the Best?

Of course, the definition of “BEST” varies by person. All stores we recommend above are in a unique place to attract a particular group of customers with some special needs to satisfy. You can take a quick look at their features, and then decide which is the right one for you to buy cheap disposables.

If you’re looking for a store where you can just grab things and go without much energy put in weighing up pros and cons, we’d firstly vote up for Eightvape, and then Newvaping if you’re in the UK.

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