Best Vape Gifts for Father’s Day in 2022

best vape gifts

Father’s Day is around the corner. For anyone who doesn’t have a single clue about what gifts to choose to fully express love for dad, you’ve come to the right place. Sneakers and ties? Cliché. In 2022, go all out to offer some unique vape gifts to melt his heart!

We’ve rounded up the best vape gift ideas for every type of dads. No matter he’s a vaping enthusiast obsessed with cloud chasing, or a first-timer looking to quit smoking, you, as his daughter or son, can find a right and special gift here. Gift the man in your life something truly different this year!

Entry-Level Vape Gifts for Beginners

If your dad is still none the wiser about vaping, let’s say he’s a long-term smoker and you want him to use less harmful alternatives from this cheerful day on, we believe all the following vaping products suit your needs. They’re easy to navigate, and deliver very nice MTL draws which are similar to the experience smokers get from cigarettes.

elf bar bc

# Elf Bar BC 3500/5000


3500/5000 puffs | 50mg nicotine

Elf Bar has entered the disposable vape world with unstoppable momentum. Since its release, the buzz has continued to rise. Its disposable vape flavors and e-liquid capacity are numerous, while its built-in coils are hard to beat when it comes to creating clean and flavorful vapor. So far, it has released 18 different disposable products, ranging from 2mL TPD versions to large 13mL beasts, each with at least 10 flavors. No matter what flavor or volume of e-liquid you prefer, there is an Elf Bar to suit your needs.

moti pop disposable



1200 puffs | 20/50mg nicotine

Apart from the lovely popsicle outlooks, MOTI Pop disposable vape impressed us with its amazing flavor. The flavors are smooth, refreshing, and pleasing, just like its fresh macaron-colored appearance. It has over 20 flavors, we would recommend every flavor to you! The 5mL juice capacity and 500mAh battery also lasted long. We had no problem vaping it for three to four days. It’s a good choice for vapors to have a try.

 SMOK Stick N18 AIO Pen

# SMOK Stick N18


3ml | 1300mAh | 30W

Take a look at SMOK Stick N18 Pen, which sports a pure metallic coating, giving it a cold and stylish vibe. It is powered by a powerful 1300mAh battery paired with a Type-C charging port. The innovative design in the N18 allows you to cycle through 5 different output levels between 9W and 30W by rotating the power regulator at its base clockwise or counterclockwise. The pen has an airflow control ring placed in the center, and by rotating it, you can easily adjust the amount of air to your liking. Despite its petite size, this pen can hold up to 3mL of vape juice.

Mipod pro+

# Mi-Pod Pro+


2ml | 950mAh

Mi-Pod Pro+ has the most stylish and chic design compared with other pod systems. With up to 7 colors available, it offers a variety of colorways and patterns to satisfy any of the most finicky vapers: iridescent dragon scales, vivid pebbles, classy leather, and so on. Out of our expectations, its vapor production is round, clean, and warm.

What interests me most is that Mi-Pod Pro+ places a see-through window in the shape of a capital “M” for quick e-liquid inspection. The device has a 2ml e-liquid capacity and uses a convenient side fill and top AFC system. It also runs on a powerful 950mAh internal battery with a Type-C charging port on the side to match. Plus, since the pod vape has a power button for turning it on and off, it’s an ideal battery-saving gadget to take with you.

Uwell Caliburn GK2

# Uwell Caliburn GK2


2ml | 690mAh

As the latest successor to the popular Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime, Uwell Caliburn GK2 pod system is still leading and worth loving. It has a 2mL tank and a 690mAh built-in battery that delivers continuous power at 18W. Featuring a stunning look and exceptional flavor delivery, this tiny gadget has surpassed most typical pod vapes on the market. The Caliburn GK2 allows you to fine-tune the amount of air by placing a rotating wheel on the base of the pod cartridge. It is also compatible with three different Uwell G series coils ranging from 0.8ohm to 1.2ohm, which means that whether you prefer MTL or DTL vaping, the Uwell Caliburn GK2 has it all.

Best Tasty Gifts – Yes, I Mean E-Liquids

Any open-system vapes need regular refills, so preparing a spot-on flavorful e-liquid can always hit the nail on the head. The world of e-liquid is immense, with plenty of variations in nicotine strength, flavor profile or PG/VG ratio. But to our knowledge, setting off from these established e-liquid brands is always the right track to go!

dinner lady e-liquid

# Dinner Lady


Freebase & Nic salt | Various flavors and PG/VG ratio | 0-20mg

Dinner Lady is long well-known for the quality selected ingredients of vape juice and impressive flavor representation. It offers a wide range of vape juice flavor from tobacco and bubbly drinks right through to fruits and baked pastries. If you’re a big fan of dessert-based fruity juice, you cannot miss the Lemon Tart, the best seller of Dinner Lady and a winner of multiple awards. It tastes like a well-rounded lemon pie on inhale, left with a swirl of creamy meringue on exhale.

Dinner Lady is not only available in a freebase nicotine version, but has also been re-released in the trending nicotine salt formula and a disposable vape version. Have a try, I bet you will love it.

Naked 100

# Naked 100


Freebase & Nic salt | Various flavors and PG/VG ratio | 0-60mg

The Naked 100 line inherits the classical creations and combines them with the nic salt formula. By virtue of its excellent vape liquid ingredients and blending, Naked 100 has a good reputation in the industry. Especially its Naked 100 Salt series, the best in nicotine salt vape liquid. It always comes in high nicotine strength, like 35mg and 50mg, and many of its flavors are worth trying. Like the big hit Lava Flow, highlighted by a strawberry flavor on its inhale while infused with notes of fresh pineapple and creamy coconut. After you exhale the vapor, the rich custard mellow aroma will sweep through your mouth and nostrils.

Gifts for Pro Vapers

If you’re worried those beginner-level vape gifts can’t satisfy him who’s an old hand at vaping, check out these more sophisticated toys! They produce intensify flavor, and always create the effect of room fogging. Follows are some tried-and-true combos: mod vapes plus atomizers. You don’t necessarily have to bundle them together as Father’s Day gift; but if you do, that’s more thoughtful!

Dovpo Topside Dual

# Dovpo Topside Dual + Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max


200W & Dual 18650  | 28mm ID & Dual coil

The Topside Dual squonk mod by DOVPO maxes out at 200W. By packing in a 10mL roomy squonk bottle and using top fill, it retains the biggest ease of use as the first generation. Dovpo Topside could also help vapers get rid of battery anxiety for good. It houses two 18650 batteries to make for super long battery life.

This squonker is a perfect match for RDAs, since it offers fully-featured temperature control for a variety of coils. Hellvape’s Dead Rabbit Max is a spot-on RDA to lay your hands on. It features a 28mm cavernous deck space and multiple coil builds. The RDA is omnipotent, but fairly easy to work with. This gift combo will prove to be a stellar flavor machine.

Wotofo MDura Pro Mod

# Wotofo MDura Pro Mod + Wotofo Profile M RTA


230W & Dual 18650 | 4ml capacity + mesh coil

MDura Pro Mod by Wotofo is a 230W mod powered by the cutting-edge Nexchip. It’s a rugged beast meant for cloud chucking, and lasts really long with dual batteries. The box mod pairs very with the Profile M RTA from the same brand. Profile M holds up to 4ml e-liquid. It offers a well-crafted deck specially for mesh coil build. Trying to get the most flavorful and smooth clouds? This combo will never fail to impress.

Pocket-Friendly but Very Useful Gifts

cotton bacon



100% cotton | 10 strips | for RDA/RTA

Cotton bacon has unrivaled reputation in the world of coil wicking materials. There’re a huge universe of materials, such as stainless steel mesh and ceramic, designed for wicking, but cotton always comes out on top. While not every kind of cotton is right for pumping out smooth and dense clouds. COTTON BACON is the one you can always rely on.

COTN Thread

# COTN Threads


20 packs | organic cotton | for 3mm coils

COTN Threads is another proven wicking cotton embraced by skilled RBA users. It comes in easier-to-operate shape of strips, and fit the size of most coils on the market.




Designed for building both wired and mesh coil 

This tool kit is intended to provide every single tool vapers might need when building coils, and help them to build properly. If he loves to take time building his own coils, this must be a fantastic kit that has been on his radar.

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