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Innokin Endura M18 14W Pod Kit Review

  • Adjustable airflow
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to check juice level
  • Decent MTL draw
  • Sleek design
  • Good flavour
  • Auto draw
  • Average charging rate
  • Charging port at the base
Function - 7.5
Quality and Design - 8
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 8
Price - 8


Innokin is known for its good quality vaping devices, such as the Kroma, Sceptre, Coolfire and Sensis. Today I’m going to talk about their recently released Innokin Endura M18, which is the first pod system in the Endura range.

Endura M18 features draw-activated firing and runs on an integrated 700mAh battery to deliver amazing vapour and flavour throughout the day. It comes with a 4ml pod and is compatible with Endura T18E Coil. How does the Innokin Endura M18 perform and what are my thoughts? Let’s take a look at its specification first!

Innokin Endura M18 14W Pod Kit

Build Quality and Design

The Innokin Endura M18 comes with a very simple look. It features a fairly durable zinc-alloy chassis construction. It stands at a porket-friendly size of 86.5mm by 30.2mm by 17mm that holds nicely in the hands. The edges are straight on its sides of the body, offering comfortable hand feel. On the blue and black version, there is a really nice paint finish. On the front and back of the device, there are tiny holes, allowing you easily to check the vape juice level. The branding“ENDURA M18” embossed above the 4 LED Indicators.

Innokin Endura M18 14W Pod Kit

The USB-C port positioned on the bottom. I prefect to put the USB-C port of the side of the device as it is more convenient to charge the device. The Endura M18 features a black square button operation, which placed on one of the sides at the bottom. It uses a auto-fire mechanism, so the button is used to change the power settings.

The Endura M18 is very easy to operated. To turn the device on/ off, you jusst need to press the button for 3 times. To change the power setting, you need to turn the device off, press the button for 2 seconds, press the fire for 2 seconds again and then turn the device back on.

The Endura M18 boasts an airflow hole, which stands at about 1mm x 2mm and can deliver a loose MTL draw. Remove the pod, turn it around 180 degrees and put it back on, you will get a more restrictive draw. The airflow performs well to provide a nice restrictive draw.

Innokin Endura M18 14W Pod Kit

Pod and Coil

The pod is connected firmly with the device via two small magnets in the middle. Innokin has made the positive pin lower into the port, making the coils compatible with the other Endura kits. Sadly, it’s a little bit difficult to clean the bottom of the port as the port is so deep. The Endura M18 comes with a nice mouthpiece, featuring a long oval shape and measuring 18mm by 7.5mm by 12mm tall.

Innokin Endura M18 14W Pod Kit

The pod is capable to hold 4ml vape juice and uses a side fill design. To refill the pod, you need to remove the pod, lift the black tab on the side of the pod, add your favourite e-liquid and close the tab firmly.

I can get a fair flavour with the airflow fully open when rated for 10W (green light). The flavour is not impressive when turning the airflow down to restrictive. In the boost mode (purple light /13.5W), the flavour is just average with the airflow turned down. The best result I can get is a vape with the airflow fully open and rated for 13.5W (purple). I was impressed by its awesome flavour production.

Innokin Endura M18 14W Pod Kit

Battery and Charging

The Innokin Endura M18 runs on a 700mAh battery, which can last about 12 -14 hours on average. It comes with a 0.8amp charge rating and takes about one hour to charge the battery. The Innokin Endura M18 boasts four LED Indicators, which comes in three white to show battery level.

  • One light: Less than 20%
  • Two light: 20% – 60%
  • Three lights: 60% – 100%


The Innokin Endura M18 is a tiny vape providing a pleasurable vaping experience. Its easy operation makes it suitable for beginners. It comes with decent battery life, proper liquid capacity and portable size. If you are looking for an easy to use MTL pod system, you should grab this one!

What do you think about the Innokin Endura M18? Leave a comment!

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