Asian E-cigarette Sales Laws and Regulations Brief

Asian Vape Regulation

No matter you’re an e-cig business owner or merely a vaping enthusiast, staying aware of vape laws currently adopted by your country is important. It’s especially the case when you need to do transnational business, or plan to take some tasty vapes for a trip abroad. If so, you’ve got to learn about regulations in other countries as well. Vaping-related policies from all around the world are ever-changing: vape shipping bans, flavor bans, minimum legal vaping age and so on; nobody wants to go against them out of ignorance.

In this context, we have compiled this list to keep you informed of all the latest policies regarding vaping product import & export and sales. The list will start from Asian countries, and will be updated on a regular basis to add more countries in.

We will also include known links to help you learn more. Click the countries or region you’re interested in for more details.

Asian Countries and Regions

E-cigarette Import and Sales Allowed


E-cigarette Sales are restricted and can only be prescribed by licensed pharmacies or registered doctors:


Sales are prohibited but use is permitted:


Import and Sales Prohibited:


The above is a brief list of Asian countries and regions e-cigarette regulations, we will continue to focus on global regulations to bring you the latest information.

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