The Canadian Vaping Association wants Law changed because Flavors in vaping products Help Adult Smokers Quit

Flavors in vaping
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Speaking in Belleville in Ontario Canada, members of the Canadian Vaping Association want the current regulations limiting the flavors in vaping products amended. The members voted to send a letter with their resolution to their minister of health, Jean-Yves Duclos, and his provincial counterpart. This is done to cure the problems created by the restrictions of flavors permitted in vaping products. Such negative consequences of the current vaping regulations include a strengthened black market for vaping products, increased smoking among adults, and closure of small vaping businesses.

Many studies in the recent past have shown that “adults who began vaping nontobacco-flavored e-cigarettes were more likely to quit smoking than those who vaped tobacco flavors.” This is in line with the opinion of millions of vaping product users who have openly on many forums confessed that flavors in their vaping product of choice helped them quit smoking.

According to Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, cardiologist and smoking cessation researcher, “it is clear that flavored nicotine vaping products are instrumental in aiding adult smokers in their quest to quit smoking cigarettes”. The doctor wants legislators in Canada to seriously consider evidence that supports this claim when reviewing regulations that govern flavors permitted in electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). This he believes will lead to the creation of better laws that will help smokers quit the habit and prevent the adverse health effects of smoking such as lung cancer.

According to the Canadian Vaping Association members, the current Ontario vaping regulations restrict the sale of flavored vape products to environments designed for adults only. This limits the access to these products by youth. While these regulations are designed to help protect young people, they seem to have negative impacts. Youth who can’t access flavored vaping products end up being hooked on cigarettes and some use the black market to access such products.

This is the opposite of the original intention of these laws.

Members of the Canadian Vaping association in Belleville voiced their concerns about increasing regulations governing the use of Vaping products. They believe that Belleville does not need more regulations instead the municipal should amend the current regulations to remove those with a negative impact on the community and then focus on enforcement. They dismissed calls for additional regulations as calls by people with little awareness about the existing regulations and their impact on society.

Darryl Tempest, the Government Relations Counsel member of the CVA Board, believes that Canada, at the federal level, is among countries in the world with the most stringent rules governing the production and use of vaping products. These laws are further reinforced by different provincial regulations. All these regulations are designed to protect both the young and the non-smokers.

However, various studies across the country have shown that smokers who switched from cigarettes to vaping products dramatically reduce their intake of harmful chemicals. This helps many quit smoking while at the same time helping all rip the health benefits of the switch.

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