Enter My Vape Review Monthly Vape Giveaway to Win Weeks’ Supply of Best E-Cigs

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My Vape Review brings surprising excitement to vapers with its monthly giveaways that everybody can enter and have the chance to win weeks’ supply of vaping devices.

My Vape Review, one of the fastest growing e-cigarette information hubs, is excited to announce the launch of its monthly vape giveaways as a way of saying thanks to the loyal community. Every month, vapers are invited to compete for a chance to win the best, latest vaping products that can give you an on-point nicotine buzz lasting for weeks.

All vape giveaways are 100% free to enter. There’s no catch—what you need to do is just complete various tasks to collect as many entries as possible and so get the best chance of winning. The site also runs “Vote to Enter” giveaways in which you enter simply by casting a vote. After every contest, ten (or more sometimes) winners will receive vaping products valued at up to $80. The best part? The prizes are just enough to cover a month of enjoyable vapor exhaling.

From disposable vapes to sophisticated vape mods, My Vape Review hands out different types of vapes in the monthly giveaway events to fit everyone’s needs. The site is collaborating with scores of reputed sponsors, including top-notch vape brands and e-commerce stores, to make sure it continues to give away the latest and greatest.

When Does the Vape Giveaway Competition Start?

Every month My Vape Review runs at least one vape giveaway, but the start date varies. Contenders are advised to subscribe to its Newsletter, or follow the Facebook and Twitter accounts (@myvapereview) to stay tuned. You’ll be among the first ones to learn about the newest giveaway schedules.


There’re only one or two requirements to meet to be eligible for My Vape Review giveaways. Participants shall reach the legal vaping age regulated by their countries as of the date of entry. In addition, some giveaways are only open to certain countries or regions.

When Announcing Winners?

Lucky winners will be announced within 7 days from the closing date of every contest.

About My Vape Review

My Vape Review is an exceptional e-cigarette review platform, dedicated to guiding visitors through the world of vapes with unbiased product testing, comparison and recommendation, based on accurate facts and figures. By helping vapers weigh up pros and cons of the latest and hottest vaping products, there could be less trial and error.

As an increasing number of smokers inch towards safer alternatives to cigarettes, the site wants to play its role by handing out free vapes to spread the benefits of vaping. 

Up till now, My Vape Review has run three major vape giveaways that have been well received with numerous entries worldwide rushing in. In the future, it will keep giving back to supporters that have been there to help the site go this far.

Want to discover more about My Vape Review? Head over to myvapereview.com or send e-mails to [email protected] Also contact us if you want to sponsor our upcoming giveaways. (Any types of sponsors, from e-cig brands and stores to philanthropists, are welcome.)

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