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Recent Concerns About 18650 Batteries New To Vapers?

Recently, there exists a nationwide uproar about the durability and safety of the public around the 18650 batteries. These concerns are real, and experiences have been documented to etch the basis of the information. However true it is, it is not a new truth for Vapers. Since the 18650 batteries are mostly used to manufacture E-cigarette and vaping products, using these things can cause a scare for vape users always.

18650 batteries are quite old but still relatively seen and very much in use. These batteries are lithium-ion products that can last a while without breaking down or losing their vigour. These batteries are used for laptops, cell phones, and other smaller equipment that require power, including the E-cigarette and vape tubes. So Vapers do not understand why the heat is just on vape devices when every household device uses batteries of almost the same kind.

The honest difference is, vaporizers use batteries that are more prone to user errors and explosions because they were not proved to withstand any kind of pressure and fluctuations in ions like the other kinds of lithium-ion batteries. So with a slight change in voltage and current, vaporizer batteries are ready to explode because it wasn’t properly sealed.

18650 Batteries

The 18650 batteries are used in most e-cigarettes, especially those made for a special purpose. The vape products in this category are less equipped with safe internal circuitry. This makes them prone to explosion, which is the concern the public worries about.

Some years back, it was reported that a vape user died while trying to use the vape device before an explosion occurred. The same outcome was realized when a leg of the vape user was burnt. Events concerning the explosive nature of the 18650 batteries are constantly being reported, spurring the concern of the public.

The explosion of the 18650 batteries rarely occurs, ad it does happen when there is a small leakage on the batteries. The battery situation can get worsened if you mishandle the device. The leading cause of the explosion of vape products is due to overcharging or undercharging of these batteries. This, along with mishandling, is the lead cause of the explosion of these batteries, wherever and whenever.

Since explosions occur mostly due to an improper charging style, it is best to reduce the occurrence by maintaining a stable battery charge and style. Also, you should stop the usage of the e-cigarette device once it starts overheating. À device, once it starts to overheat, may develop severe faults or trigger an explosion due to the increased movement of ions. The results will not be a favourable one.

Nonetheless, the explosion of 18650 batteries is mostly linked to vape devices. So the bone of contention is in full eradication of vape devices as a whole to eliminate the sale of e-cigarettes and liquids.

Aside from the evident hate on vaping and e-cigarettes, vaping with a device that has a valid and safe battery is crucial to avoid sore stories about the explosion of these batteries, vape on sure batteries.

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