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Tobacco Control Experts Came Together to Support Vape Use

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Several experts jointly published a paper in the American Journal of Public Health to back up vaping as a safe alternative to combustible tobacco. The paper called on a termination of irrational e-cigarette demonization, and encouraged policy makers and consumers to value the bright side of vaping products.

 Important Note on Vaping

The paper was finished through a concerted effort from a group of most prominent tobacco control experts in America. From this point of view, the paper’s release marks vital significance in the health community.

The most intriguing part of this paper is it provides a deep insight into the full picture of today’s controversy over vaping. The anti-vaping party always focuses on vaping’s negative impacts on youths, while champions emphasize that e-cigarette is an effective aid to quit smoking. They feel justified in opposing to the other side, but in the meantime cannot deny the facts proclaimed by each other.

Thats exactly the core idea of this paper—it reminds people that vaping comes with both benefits and harms, and weighing between the pros and cons is necessary. On the one hand, nicotine in the e-liquid is known to have enormous impacts on more vulnerable groups. For example, a research found if regularly exposed to secondhand vapor, children would be more likely to become smokers when they grow old. Moreover, the nicotine could also lead to some damages to children’s developing brains and respiratory systems.

Benefit of Vaping Can’t be Ignored

However, on the other, vaping’s positive role in improving the public health should never be neglected. According to the Public Health England (PHE), in 2017 alone, more than 50,000 smokers succeeded in smoking cessation with the assistance of vaping products. When combined with other professional support services, such as the local support smoking services (LSSS) prevalent among the U.K., vaping can help a lot more in quitting.

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