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Voopoo Musket Mod Kit Review — Customize Your Vaping

  • Compatibility with all PnP coils
  • Fast coil activation
  • Beginner-friendly smart mode
  • Comfortable grip
  • Wide wattage range
  • Nice look
  • Spit-back
  • Liquid leakage
  • Complicated operations
  • A bit heavy for carrying around
Function - 8
Quality and Design - 8
Ease of Use - 7
Performance - 7
Price - 8


Voopoo excels at bringing out excellent mods with adjustable power output and high battery capacity. My Vape Review has reviewed a lot of voopoo products and we absolutely loved them, especially the VOOPOO Argus X 80W pod mod kit and VOOPOO DRAG X Plus pod mod. The Musket is the latest mod kit that Voopoo released to expand its V series.

Similar to previous V series products, the new kit also features high customization to ensure that users are never tied to limited vaping styles. Perhaps to outperform others in delivering thick vapors, the mod can fire up to 120W. Besides, as it’s powered by two external 18650 batteries and a Type-C charging port, it can last for several days. To find out whether Musket will surprise us as a big step up from its predecessors, we did weeks of tests on the product. Next we’ll take you through all of Musket’s pros and cons. Let’s see if there are things that hit you!

In this review, we highlight aspects we like in green, and those we don’t in red.

voopoo musket pod mod

Product Info


Material: PCTG, Aluminum Alloy

Size: 24.5mm x 42mm x 145.8mm

E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5ml (standard edition)/2ml (TPD edition)

Wattage Range: 5–120W

Battery Capacity: 2*18650 (not included in the kit)

Coil Specification:

PnP-VM5 0.2Ω Coil: 40W- 60W

PnP-VM6 0.15Ω Coil: 60W- 80W


Wide output range from 5 to 120W

Dual modes of Smart and RBA

Two external 18650 batteries

Flexible airflow control

Package Content (Standard Edition)

1 x Musket Mod Device

1 x PnP Tank

1 x PnP-VM5 0.2Ω Coil

1 x PnP-VM6 0.15Ω Coil

1 x Micro-USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Performance – 7

We organized a table as below where you can find our thoughts on the product’s performance after use. Click Here for more details.

VOOPOO Musket mod review

Musket offers us wide choices of coils thanks to its compatibility with all PnP coils. According to the Voopoo official page, the brand has at least eight PnP coils available for sale, and the resistance ranges from 0.15 to 1Ω. That’s certainly a big draw for vapers who go after diversified vaping experience. Let’s have a quick look at the PnP VM5 coil (0.2Ω) we used in the test. It is well crafted to produce a mass of clouds when it’s fired at high wattage. The coil activation is impressively fast. Throughout the test we found no burnt taste.

Moreover, the coil delivered intense flavor to the max, as if the juice was sent to our taste buds without any intermediary. However, it disappointed us a bit that the flavor intensity started to shrink after about the third refill. And the spit-back comes as another headache for us, especially when it made noticeable popping sounds.

Voopoo Musket comes with obvious liquid leakage. After we put it aisde for three days, the liquid split over the bottom of the tank, with some even flowing to the 510 base. Anyway, a regular cleaning of the mess is necessary.

Function – 8

Voopoo Musket allows us to switch between two modes: RBA mode and smart mode. The RBA mode is actually a free mode, since we can set whatever output wattage as we desire. When we switch to the smart mode, the wattage adjustment will be restrictive.

Musket’s chip can identify the coil we install, and direct the device to stay at a fixed wattage range that makes for the best vape. We cannot set a wattage beyond the programmed upper limit under the smart mode. This mode is also intended to protect the coil from burning due to too high wattage. From this aspect, Musket is friendly to beginners as well.

The mod provides the basic puff clear and key lock function. It also features a small OLED screen in black and white display. The screen brightness is brilliant. When we haven’t vaped on the device, the screen shows the battery indicator, mode (RBA/smart), resistance and wattage. After we took a puff, the screen will show the voltage, puff counter and duration instead.

Overall Quality and Design – 8

voopoo musket pod mod


Musket comprises of a PCTG pod and an alloy mod, connected by a 510 base in between. The two parts perfectly blend in with each other, from both color and material. The mod is specially designed in a curved shape, perhaps to better fit into our palms. Generally, Musket has a nice look and comfortable grip.


Voopoo Musket’s airflow can be adjusted by rotating the ring under the atomizer. The resistance of the ring is moderate, so it didn’t require much strength for us to control it.


The mod is available in two editions—the pod of TPD edition can hold 2ml liquid, while that of standard edition has a capacity up to 4.5ml. The pod is connected to the 510 base with magnets, which makes it very easy to take it off. Furthermore, it’s visible so that we can see the liquid inside. The only complaint we have is the fill port that lies at the bottom of the pod. It’s far less convenient than the top fill design.

voopoo musket pod mod


Voopoo spares plenty of space in Musket for two 18650 batteries, and that’s why Musket looks obviously larger than regular mods. Musket also has a Type-C charger. All in all, the device can support all-day-vaping without any doubts.

We have to admit the mod feels really nice in hand when the two 18650 batteries haven’t been put inside. However, they have to be put inside after all—it gets really heavy then. Musket is not a portable device. If you try to carry it along with you outside, I suppose it would weigh you down.

voopoo musket pod mod

Ease of Use – 7

Operation and Button

In terms of the button, Musket presents us with a unique design—it has only one button. If we only focus on design, this single button is amazing, as it indeed injects a great deal of novelty into the mod. However, it’s not so when it comes to the operation. The simplified button system turns Voopoo Musket into a somewhat complicated device. The user’s manual offers detailed information on how to navigate it, but we still took quite a while to get familiar with all operations.

We have attached some operations below for you to check:

Power-on/off: Press the button for five times

Quick Wattage Adjustment: Press the button for three times first, and then hold the button

Regular Wattage Adjustment: Press the button for three times first, and then press the button to increase the wattage

Function switch: Press the button for five times first, and the hold the button for 2 seconds to choose different functions

voopoo musket pod mod

Price – 8

Voopoo Musket Mod Kit Price:

$44.99 at (US) with an original price of $49.99

£43.99 at (UK)

We’ve checked other kits from Voopoo’s G series on, such as Seal and V.Suit, and will put their prices below for you to compare:

The Voopoo Seal 40W Pod Mod Kit: $29.99 (original price: $34.99);

The Voopoo V.Suit 40W Pod Mod Kit: $27.99 (original price: $49.99)

Musket’s price is much higher than the two above, largely because of its maximum output wattage can go up to 120W. From the variety of vaping experience, Musket of course compares favorably with Seal and V.Suit. However, if you have no interest in constantly refresh the way you vape, it’s not necessary to invest in a device as Musket. A simpler device gives us less freedom to change parameters, but saves us a big sum of money.

Overall Thoughts

Voopoo Musket is a mod that enables us to get deep into versatile vaping experience. Or in other words, we can customize various parameters to meet all our personal preferences. It’s exactly for this reason that Musket is more of a kit for experienced vapers, although it offers some beginner-friendly functions as well.

Musket’s PnP VM5 coil is not bad, and most importantly, it’s interchangeable with all other PnP coils. The device can fire at the maximum wattage of 120W for big cloud vaping. It has a gorgeous looking and feels nice in hand. As for its functions, Musket has got us covered. However, there exists some drawbacks meanwhile, including its weight and complex operations.

Have you tried this Voopoo Musket mod yet? If yes, please share your thoughts with us here: Voopoo Musket; if not, do you want to have a try now? We hope this review is helpful for you.

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