Do you want to use a new-generation vape device? Then you need a vape mod. Electronic cigarette mods are the next big thing in vaping, as they are technologically advanced and help you effectively manage your vape setting.

However, the love and usage of vape mods have led to counterfeits. Therefore, vapers must carefully scrutinize the brands and online vape shops they buy from. At My Vape Review, we serve as the best guide and database for vapers to explore the vaping world.

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Mods are part of a vape device containing the battery and are also known as advanced vape kits. However, even beginners can use them.

Also, vape mods are used more by vapers who love thick vapors and want a deep taste of the vape flavor. This is because mods with big batteries produce better vapors, especially if paired with coils with low resistance or below 1.0 ohms.

Vape Mod Features

Mods contain unique features that make them stand out and allow vapers to vape satisfactorily. In addition, the chipset allows you to vape safely, as it has short-circuited, overcharged, low voltage, and temperature protections.

Also, vape mods have more than one output mod and automatic coil detection. This feature identifies the coil resistance and tailors it to the optimum power output.

Mods vs. Pods

Mods are not the same as pods. A vape pod has a battery instead of a vape tank, but it functions the same way as a vape tank and holds the coil and e-liquid. Also, pods have a sealed unit, and you don’t have to replace some of the coils.

Mods are bigger than pods because of their large battery space. In addition, a vape mod may have a fixed battery or a compartment for external batteries. You can change or charge the battery whenever possible, and mods are customizable, unlike pods.

Type of  Vape Mods

There are two broad categories of vape mods: regulated and unregulated mods. Regulated mods have circuit boards that prevent dangerous surges when using the vape device and keep your battery from getting damaged.

Several people like regulated mods because they can get a significant volume of vapor with little effort. There are two types of regulated mods: tube mods and box mods.

Tube mods are similar to vape pens with the same cylindrical design that vapers know vape pens for. However, tube mods are thicker because they have a larger battery. It is best for experienced vapers, especially when traveling, but note that it has limited features.

Box mods, as the name implies, come in a box shape. They are bigger than tube mods as they have batteries with significant mAh capacity, from 1500 mAh upwards. Nevertheless, it is the best option for vapers who want significant vapor and want to use dry herb attachments.

On the other hand, unregulated mods lack a circuit board, causing power to go unchecked from the battery to the vape tank. While new vapers can use regulated mods, unregulated vape mods are not for them, as if not properly controlled, they could catch fire.

My Vape Review Listings

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