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Vape tanks hold vape liquids and the part of the vape device known as the coil. The coil heats the vape juice for vapor production. Most tanks have a 510 connector, a little piece of threading on the peg at the tank’s bottom.

The 510 connector screws the tank onto the battery and controls how charges flow from the battery to the tank. Different manufacturers design their 510 connectors the same way, making changing different parts of your vape kit easy.

Other components of a vape tank are a drip tip, top cap, glass cylinder, and base. The tip goes into the mouth, with different sizes to choose from. The choice of a drip tip depends on whether you want enhanced vapor or flavor.

The top cap is the part opened for you to fill the tank with the vape juice, while the glass cylinder holds the vape juice. It is located between the top cap and the base. The base is where the peg that links the tank to the battery lies and serves as the air vent.

There are three vape tanks: regular, rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA), and rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA). Regular tanks are either sub-ohms or mouth-to-lung tanks; you can either screw a coil or drop it into the vape tank.

RDAs are better for experienced vapers as it allows you to build your coil using wire, mesh, or cotton. Similarly, you have to make the coil within the RTAs, and they also come with a tank. So you don’t have to add E-liquid to the wicking material.


A vape cartridge is a small container with a heating element and mouthpiece containing a gram or half-gram of cannabis oil. Vape cartridges differ from vape pods and are in a distinct category.

A cartridge has a pre-filled vape tank that uses a screw connector instead of a magnetic click, which is common with vape pods. Also, vape cartridges are used more for CBD oil instead of E-liquid.


A vape pod has a battery and a pod instead of a vape tank. However, it does the same job as a tank, holding coil, and E-liquid. The difference is that pods are sealed units, and you can replace the coil in some of them while others have prefilled E-liquid.

Pods and tanks have some similarities and differences. The two contain an atomizer, house E-liquid, and a drip tip for vaping. However, tanks have better adjustable airflow than pods, but they are heavier than pods.

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