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If you vape or are thinking about it, you have or will likely come across pod mods. It is one of the new inventions of the ever-evolving vape world. Pod mods are one of the cool devices vapers can use with their favorite liquids.

However, like most good things, vapers also want quality pod mods at affordable prices. Thankfully, this is possible, and at My Vape Review, we list top-quality vapes and deals. So, you can enjoy a good product without breaking the bank.

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Essentially, pod mods serve as an electronic cigarette for vaping nicotine through a mouthpiece connected to the device’s body by magnets.

Components and Types of Pod Mods

A pod mod has five components, namely:

  • Replaceable pod (it stores the E-liquid, coil, and wick)
  • USB charging slot/port
  • Battery and indicator
  • Main body
  • On/switch off button

There are two types of pod mods: open system and closed system. An open system pod mod allows users to re-fill and modify their E-liquid using a removable tank. On the other hand, a closed pod mod system contains purpose-built disposable tanks.

You don’t have to refill the tank with a closed pod mod system. Instead, once the tank is empty, you must dispose of the device safely. Although pod mods appear like conventional vaping devices, it is more popular than most.

This is primarily because the pod is convenient, easy to use, fun, and more efficient than most vape devices, especially traditional vapes. Also, it is best for short-term use, like the standard cigarette, a fact old and new vapers love.

When manufacturers first introduced pod mods, all vapers had to do was load a pod, use the vape, and then throw the pod away when empty. However, with newer models, you can refill the pod.

Pod mods are small in size, unlike traditional vape devices so you can fit them into your pocket. One of the best things about pod mods is that there are various flavors to choose from. Also, manufacturers do not use substandard materials to produce the vape, and they also do not ignore performance components.

Furthermore, pod mods come in attractive metal casings and have long-lasting batteries. Ultimately, you will get maximum satisfaction from using vape mods the same you would with traditional vapes.

How It Works

Pod and standard vape mods work the same way and share identical components like the coil and wick. The two are used together with a battery to warm the E-liquid before turning it into a vapor. Some pod mods have a firing button, but others do not.

You activate the vapor by drawing the mouthpiece using a pod mod without a firing button. If you love impressive clouds, there is no need to worry, as you can get them with this device. Finally, vape and pod mods are not the same, with the latter being the best option for those looking for cost-effective vapes.

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