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MyVapeReview provides honest, in-depth vape reviews. We usually take 2 weeks to test a vape product, examining its design, build quality and feature set, and comparing them side-by-side. We don’t choose products or brands to review. As long as the vapes are worth trying, we will keep our eyes. If you want us to review a certain product, email us and send us your request! Our E-mail: [email protected]

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In Editors’ Reviews, you can check out our editors’ rating on each vape after they put them under the same set of tough lab tests. You’ll hear their first-hand thoughts regarding a product’s pros and cons. Also, you can give your own ratings and share your thoughts with the rest of the world under each review. 

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We know some vapers care about the actual data of their vapes. Therefore, we test vapes on their wattage, voltage, and charging rate to see if they match the advertised data. No one wants to spend money on fake promotions.
Puffmi Dura 9000 9 Amazing

Why the Puffmi Dura 9000 Is Worth the Hype – 9000 Puffs of Unmatched Flavor and Performance

  1. Introduction Looking for a big-tank disposable vape that also looks good and gives off big clouds? The Puffmi Dura 9000 could be what you’re after. It’s got a big 20 mL tank fill...

OVNS MESH08 II 8.5 Great

The OVNS MESH08 II – Flavorful Puffs and Long-Lasting Performance

  1. Introduction The OVNS MESH08 II is the next-generation disposable vape pen designed to elevate your vaping experience. Building on the success of its predecessor, the best-selling OVNS MESH0...

Vaporesso Luxe X Pro 8.7 Great

Stunning VAPORESSO LUXE X PRO – Vape Like a Pro, Without the Hassle

  1. Introduction Introducing the VAPORESSO LUXE X PRO, a cutting-edge pod device designed for the modern vaper. With a generous 5 mL pod capacity, you have the freedom to bring your own vape jui...

Vape Festival

Great News To Expect on Philippines Vape Festival 2023

If you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground in the vaping community, you’ll have caught the buzz about this year’s most anticipated event – the Vape Festival (PVF) 2023. Happen...

VPFIT Insbar II 8.5 Great

Beyond Conventional Vaping with VPFIT Insbar II’s Unique Pre-filled Pods and E-Juice Separation

  1. Introduction The VPFIT Insbar II elegantly marries form and function with its svelte dimensions and feather-light build. It’s clear from the jump that this device isn’t just about aest...

Lost Vape OB5500 8.8 Great

Unlock A Pro-Level Vaping Experience — Review of Lost Vape OB5500

1. Introduction It’s been an exciting journey following Lost Vape’s growth in the vaping industry.  Known for its innovation and quality, Lost Vape offers a comprehensive range of devices ...

CZAR CZ9000 8.8 Great

CZAR CZ9000 – A Masterpiece of Design and Function

  1. Introduction In the realm of disposable vapes, most brands tend to follow a standardized art design for each flavor, resulting in a sea of carbon copies. However, CZAR, a fresh brand under t...

PYRO 8.7 Great

PYRO 6000 – Vaping Made Simple, No Charging Required

  1. Introduction PyroTech is a vape manufacturer that has focused its efforts on its winning flagship disposable – the PYRO 6000. The device delivers, you guessed it, up to 6000 puffs of 5% nico...

CBD Isolate Wholesale

Pure Potential: Unleashing the Possibilities of CBD Isolate Wholesale

  In the vast world of CBD products, one particular form of cannabidiol stands out for its versatility and purity: CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a crystalline powder that contains pure CBD extracte...