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Ban on e-cigarettes – FDA about to put MN Youth on the edge

Cigarette consumption drastically decreased in Minnesota, about 90.1% in high school students and 78.0% in middle school students, from 2000 to 2020. This trend was partially influenced by the introdu...


A New York Republican Wants to Tighten the Noose Further on Vaping and Using Other Tobacco Products in The State

Northport republican assemblyman Keith Brown has just introduced legislation in the New York state assembly that seeks to further regulate vaping, smoking, and the use of cannabis and alcohol in the s...


‘Vape Detectors’ Effective In Implementing’ Tobacco 21′ Against Teen Vape In School Bathrooms

Australian schools are using new technology to conduct crackdowns on students who vape on the school premises. Many educational institutes, including Melbourne’s Marymede College, have installed...

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E-Cigarettes May Have Cardiopulmonary Effects On Teenager Vape Groups – Scientists Claim

Scientific evidence suggests that the increasing use of e-cigarettes among the teenage vape community might lead to pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, increasing in intensity over time. The news w...

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Vape Law Enforcement Speeds Up Amidst Vape Epidemic

Experts believe implanting laws regarding vaping should be prioritized as young vapers using e-cigarettes are exceeding in numbers. The federal government is being called upon by the Cancer Council Au...

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Aussie schools Turn to Silent Alarm Systems to Catch Vaping Students

Several schools across the country such as Mentone’s St Bede’s College in Melbourne and South Morang’s Marymede Catholic College have already invested in silent vape detectors to alert teachers ...

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“I’m not harming my baby,” a pregnant woman tells her critics after she posted a video while vaping

A woman faced criticism following a video she posted on TikTok showing her vaping while pregnant. However, she insisted that she did not care about the action and that her baby could not be harmed. Th...


Which Transformations Have Taken Place in The Vaping Industry over The Years?

Vaping still sounds like something unique and unfamiliar to the majority of people, making it so difficult to accept the fact that e-cigarettes have been in existence on the shelves for more than 15 y...


Federal Authorities Moving to Ban Juul Vape Products to Address Youth Relevant Concerns on Vaping

The Wall Street Journal reports that the FDA is gearing up to impose a ban on Juul vape products while removing the existing products of Juul Labs from the market. However, the journal also claims tha...

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