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OXBAR RRD POD Kit Review: Refillable, Rechargeable, and It’s a Disposable

  • Simple neutral body design
  • Fantastic flavor delivery
  • Sensitive auto draw and smooth hits
  • Up to 10000 hits!
  • Easy and quick recharging
  • E-juice needs to be purchased separately
Design & Quality - 8.5
Battery & Charging - 7
Vapor Performance - 8
Price - 7.5

The OXBAR RRD POD is a simple, no-fuss disposable with a refillable tank. This mashup of features from a pod vape and disposable is an innovative new approach. The tank holds 5mL of e-juice, preferably salt nic, and can be refilled 3x before the 1.0-ohm mesh coil loses flavor quality.

The OXBAR RRD POD has a 550mAh battery that is recharged using a Type-C charging cable. The device has a neutral modern design with a shiny metal alloy body and a translucent tank to easily view the e-juice level.

Let’s take a closer look at the design, build quality, battery, performance, and price of the OXBAR RRD disposable vape so you can determine if it’s right for you!


E-Juice Capacity: 15ml

Battery: 550mAh rechargeable

Nicotine Strength: 5%

Coil: Mesh

Puff: 10,000

What’s in the Kit?

OXBAR RRD Kit whats in the kit

  • RRD disposable pod
  • 15ml e-juice
  • User manual

Design & Quality


OXBAR RRD Kit_design

The OXBAR RRD POD isn’t going to win any design accolades. The disposable has a shiny metallic lower body with the OXBARRRD branding on the front. The upper portion of the device is dedicated to the sizeable 5ml tank, made from translucent black-tinted plastic. You can easily hold the device up to check the e-juice level so that you won’t be taking unexpected dry hits.

As for size, the OXBAR RRD POD is very small and compact. The body is just 13.5mm or ½ an inch wide, and the entire device is smaller than a poker card. It’s very impressive the OXBAR fit the battery in such a compact space with enough room left over for a 5mL tank.

The tank is refilled through a side port so the device can be laid on its side for easy, mess-free tank refills. The top of the tanks has a nice extended mouthpiece.

When you first receive the OXBAR RRD POD, you must fill the tank and let it stand for a few minutes to soak the mesh coil. Then the device is activated by pushing a red button on the underside of the disposable.


The OXBAR RRD POD is an excellent durable little device. The tank and body are securely attached, so there’s no wiggling or a chance of it coming dislodged. The simple yet sturdy form factor is going to be hard to break. We drop tested from heights of 5 feet, and the disposable vape performed well, with no damage. Though the device will get scratched with sufficient use.

Does the OXBAR RRD POD leak?

OXBAR RRD Kit_does it leak

One of the core ideas behind the RRD is the separate tank. Since the brand doesn’t pre-fill the disposable, you can choose your own salt nic e-juice flavors to use with the device and be sure it won’t leak during storage or transportation. We carried the OXBAR RRD around for a few weeks and experienced no leaking. The tapered mouthpiece does a great job keeping the e-juice contained within the tank.


The OXBAR RRD POD  feels great in your hand. The edges are rounded for comfortable holding, and the size and shape make it feel similar to a Zippo lighter. It’s so light that you can easily hold the OXBAR RRD with two fingers. The tapered mouthpiece has plenty of room to create a nice comfortable seal when inhaling.

Battery & Charging

OXBAR RRD Kit_battery

There’s not much to say about the OXBAR RRD’s battery and charging capabilities except that it won’t give you any trouble. The 550mAh battery last us through 3-4 hours of vaping and is recharged very quickly by plugging in a Type-C charging cable into the port on the bottom of the device.

You can get a full charge in about 30 minutes. The OXBAR RRD POD is great for busy individuals that want to keep the upkeep of their device to a minimum.


OXBAR RRD Kit_performance

The OXBAR RRD POD offers a very pleasant vaping experience. The hits are fantastically smooth, and the flavor delivery is excellent. We wouldn’t categorize the OXBAR RRD POD as having ‘strong throat hits.’ Instead, each hit is smooth as butter with a gentle warmth. The auto draw is sensitive, and the device offers a loose MTL draw that is great for beginners. We tried multiple flavors with the OXBAR RRD POD and was impressed with the intensity of the flavors. We have refilled the device’s tank 3x and haven’t yet experienced any degradation in flavor delivery.

And the cloud volume is equally impressive.

A single fill of the 5mL tanks will last you for a few days in most cases. That means you don’t need to carry your e-juice everywhere. You can safely fill the tank before you start your day, knowing with confidence that the tank won’t run out before you are home.


  • OXBAR RRD POD Price: $14.99 at Mi-Pod

The OXBAR RRD POD is very fairly priced at just $14.99. Of course, you’ll still need to purchase up to 20mL of e-juice, so expect to spend an additional $7-$20. But for the convenience, performance, and design, $15 is a great price. You can get up to 10,000 puffs from this one disposable! For most people, the OXBAR RRD POD will last a few weeks.


The OXBAR RRD POD offers a fantastic vaping experience. It combines the best features of a disposable and pod system. You won’t have to fuss with changing out or refilling small pods all the time. And you get to choose what flavor and brand of salt nicotine e-juice you put in the OXBAR RRD POD.

With a 5mL tank that can be refilled 4x before the 1.0-ohm mesh coil starts to burn out, you’ll get up to 10,000 puffs with this one disposable! And unlike some large disposables, the RRD is rechargeable, so you can keep vaping until the mesh coil starts tasting bad.

We’re really impressed with the compact design, sensitive auto draw, excellent flavor delivery, and large tank. We can strongly recommend this device to anyone looking for long-lasting disposable with the freedom to choose their own e-juice flavors!

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