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How to Enter & Win Our Giveaway?

The first and foremost thing to enter our vape giveaway is logging in via your e-mail or social media account. Be sure to use the account you use daily so that we can reach out if you win a prize.

Then complete the tasks to get as many as entries as you can! THE MORE ENTRIES YOU HAVE, THE MORE CHANCES OF WINNING!

Referral is the easiest way to win big. Also, some of our tasks are on a daily basis, which you can complete repeatedly. Add our giveaway to the daily bookmarks list and pop back daily to collect those extra entries.

How Do We Fulfill Prizes?

My Vape Review will reach out to all the winners after the competition ends through e-mail or social media messaging, depending on the contact method you provide. Make sure you reply to claim the giveaway prize within 7 days.

After all the winners claim their prizes, we’ll announce the winner list on-site, as well as on social media platforms. Follow our official accounts to get notified of our newest giveaway events in time:

vape giveaway

Become a Giveaway Sponsor

Becoming our giveaway sponsor can help your vape business grow. By combining your vape brand/store with our followers and networking ability, we’re capable of setting you on the right path to greater brand/store awareness and reach.

If you want to sponsor an upcoming giveaway activities, feel free to contact us. We’ll hit a reply as soon as possible.

Vape giveaway on Facebook group

We have found some giveaway FB groups as below, we can’t guarantee whether the giveaway activities posted in these groups are real and effective, you can try it out and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised!

Facebook group name Group size Group link
V.GiveawaysΩ (21+) 2565
VapeContestsnGiveaways 2046
Vape en Vapors Group 1913
Awesome Vape Giveaways 21+ 1731
vape raffles and giveaways 1694
Vape Giveaways 1655
#VapeGiveaway 1550
Vape Giveaways 1113
Vape Giveaways & Everything In Between 904
Global Vape Giveaway 21+ 787
Vaping Fun Giveaway & Contest Sharing 784
Vape giveaways sharing 21+ 783
Vape Giveaways and more (18+) 755
Vape Giveaways/Contests 754
Disposable Vape Wholesale 739
Vaping Contest Country 715
Giveaways of vape things 18+! 704
Vaping Contests & Giveaway 703
Vape Contest Giveaways 584
Vape Minion Contest Sharing 553
Master Vaper UK 491
Vape Giveaways and Chat Giveaways 487
Vaping Contests, Juice Giveaways, Vendor Discounts Together We Can Win 485
Vaping Giveaways & Reviews ! ! 463
Lucky Vapers – Vape Giveaways Share Group 18+ 442
Best Vape Wholesale 441
Zzz Vaping Giveaway 18/21 + 436
Vape Giveaways & More 21+ 430
865 Vape Freebies Giveaways and Contests 425
Vaping Contests & Giveaways 342
Vape Heroes Contest & Giveaways 299
Giveaways Galore – Vape and Tech Giveaways Share Group 18+ 287
Vape Promotions and give-aways Free 197
Vape Giveaways plus more(18+) 126

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