8 Best Pod Vapes of 2023 [Updated in Jan.]

best pod vapes 2022
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Before picking out one of the best pod vapes this year, you might want to understand what this specific type of vaping products means.

If we see mods and disposable vapes as standing on each end of the e-cigarette spectrum, pod vapes will be more or less like an in-between. They feature great ease of use to help beginners quickly get the hang of vaping, and meanwhile retain certain level of customization. They also strike a good balance between the tiny size and decent vapor performance.

With a wide assortment of pod vapes around, it’s a challenging task to find a right one even for veterans. This article has put together a list of the 8 best pod vapes in 2023. All the selections are well manufactured and have superior vapor and flavor production.

#1 Vaporesso XROS 3

Vaporesso XROS 3 pod vape kit


  • Compact and portable
  • Adjustable airflow toggle
  • LEB battery indicator with neon effect

Vaporesso XROS 3 pod system is the latest follow-up to the well-loved XROS Nano. It houses a 2mL tank and 1000mAh built-in battery, and comes compatible with all XROS-series pod cartridges ranging from 0.6ohm to 1.2ohm. Featuring a sleek, stylish look and exceptional vapor smoothness, this tiny gadget has surpassed most typical pod vapes on the market. Vaporesso XROS 3 utilizes a simple, hassle-free top fill system that wipes out your anxiety over messy refilling. Overall it’s an ideal pod vape suitable for new vapers not knowing where to start.


MiPod Pro+ pod system


  • Unique and stylish coating
  • Power button ready for battery saving
  • Side fill and anti-leaking top airflow control

Mi-Pod Pro+ is among the most stylish and chic pod vapes you can lay your hands on. With up to 7 colors available, it offers a variety of colorways and patterns to satisfy any of the most finicky vapers: iridescent dragon scales, vivid pebbles, classy leather… you name it. More importantly, its vapor production is just as surprising—mellow, clean and warm.

Mi-Pod Pro+ tank has 2ml e-juice capacity, and uses convenient side fill and top AFC system. It also ditches a see-through window shaped as a capital “M” to allow for quick e-liquid checking. The device runs on a powerful 950mAh built-in battery, paired with a Type-C charging port on the flank. Plus, as the pod vape has a power button for switching on and off, this is an ideal battery-saving gadget suitable for being carried around.




  • 5-25W output power
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • 0.42-inch mini screen

OXVA Xlim pod system features a cuboid body that comes off as sharp and sleek. Powered by a 900mAh built-in battery, the device by OXVA can smoothly put out between 5W and 25W. What sets it apart from other pod vapes is its mini-sized 0.42-inch black&white screen, where you can learn about the coil used, wattage, battery level and how many drags you’ve taken.

OXVA Xlim places a button right beneath its display screen for button draws, while users can take auto draws as well. With a slide toggle switch on the side, this device offers fully adjustable airflow. It loads up 2ml e-liquid, with the fill port resting on the side of pod cartridge. The translucent cartridge makes sure it’s a breeze to observe how much e-liquid is left anytime. Vapor created by OXVA Xlim is unexpectedly smooth, carrying constant and vibrant flavor.

Suorin Air Pro pod kit


  • Ultra-thin & lightweight
  • Good flavor and satisfying vapor amount
  • Very friendly to newcomers

The design of Suorin Air Pro is quite rare among pod systems. Or rather, it’s just hard to find any other vapes with such a thin body. The glossy shell it wears also comes to add some more visual pop to the overall look, making you can’t take your eyes off for one second. Suorin Air Pro is super portable, while it doesn’t compromise on the vapor performance and quality. Instead, it delivers constant intense flavors and satisfying amount of vapor. The pod kit has a top fill system, and indicates the max refilling level next to the fill port to prevent leakage. If you’re looking for a simple puff-to-go device with a uniquely stylish look, Suorin Air Pro is the best pod vape you can get.

Best Pod Vapes in the UK




  • All edges are rounded,  comfortable to hold
  • Touchscreen Operation
  • Draw and button activation
  • Perfect DTL and MTL vaping experience

The LUXE mod-pod is a joy to vape. The delivery of flavor is on point. And because the LUXE maxes out at 80 W, the device pumps out some massive clouds. The 0.2-ohm coil offers a solid DTL experience that will be well-received by fans of deep inhales and big vapor clouds. The 0.4-ohm coil offers a slightly looser inhale but still delivers on the cloud volume.

The hits are quite warm, but we were pleasantly surprised at the lack of spit back even with a pretty full tank. The airflow control slider adds an extra level of control, so you can choose exactly how much airflow is passing over the coils.

The Vaporesso LUXE XR MAX is really Everyman’s device. It’s simple enough for beginner vapers to pick up but customizable enough to please the most discerning vapers. The biggest hurdle for beginner vapers is going to be the deep DTL or RDL hits. Most new vapers choose disposable vapes because they are low maintenance and offer loose MTL draws that are similar to cigarettes.

#2 Vaporesso LUXE X

Vaporesso LUXE X


  • 0.4 and 0.8ohm mesh coil pods
  • DTL draws allowed
  • Safety lock

LUXE X is the latest entry in Vaporesso’s pod vape lineup. This futuristic device runs on a substantial 1500mAh battery, paired with a Type-C charging port rated for 1.5A current. For any vapes in this size, the battery system can cover the needs for all-day vaping. Vaporesso LUXE X is compatible with two tanks for replacement, both pre-built with Vaporesso’s sub-ohm mesh coils (0.4Ω and 0.8Ω) to allow for DTL vaping.

It adopts an innovative AFC system that allows users to swap out between MTL and DTL vaping simply by turning the cartridge over. Plus, Vaporesso LUXE X is outfitted with a firing button doubling as a safety lock.

#3 Uwell Caliburn G2

best pod vapes


  • See-through juice window
  • MTL and RDL styles allowed
  • Quality manufacturing

Like most earlier models from Uwell Cailburn series, G2 pod is another intuitive puff-to-vape machine with the signature slim body. Putting out at a constant 18W, Caliburn G2 is a top-notch low-powered vaping device. It hits a sweet spot for MTL vapers through the restricted draws, vibrant flavor and smooth throat hit. While make no mistake, the tiny pod also allows for bigger-cloud RDL vaping. To cycle between the two different vaping styles, you only have to spin the gear wheel inside G2’s tank to tweak the air amount. The pod also has a see-through window resting on the upper part, allowing you to check the e-liquid level whenever you want. Each and every section of it is well interlocked to avoid gunky liquid leakage.

#4 Voopoo Drag S Pro

best pod vapes


  • 3000mAh battery capacity and fast charging
  • High versatility to unlock various fun
  • Fully adjustable AFC ring

Voopoo Drag S Pro is an 80W pod mod kit running on a 3000mAh battery. Add to this, similar to all other Voopoo’s Drag offerings, it keeps the neat and clean cuboid design, with large patches of colored leather to spruce itself up. The pod mod features a charging rate as high as 5V/2A, taking you less than 20 minutes to get a full charge. Its impressive battery life and fast charging combine to make it a second-to-none option for those who vape a lot out of the house. Versatility of Drag S Pro is also in a class of its own. The pod mod is outfitted with a screen where you can switch among various modes. And it’s compatible with all Voopoo’s TPP coils, enabling you to explore variable fun from MTL to sub-ohm vaping.

What is a Pod Vape?

Pod vapes, also known as vape pods or pod systems, are lower-powered vaping devices outfitted with a small cartridge. The cartridge is always removable, designed for housing the e-liquid and coil. It connects up to the body through either a press fit or magnet, and in turn gets steady power from the battery to heat up the liquid.

Unlike mod vapes, pod vapes run on lower wattage and higher-resistance coils. They produce only an average amount of vapors. That said, as they’re compact, lightweight and easy to use, pods have wide appeals among vapers anyways. Best pod vapes are usually the top picks of beginners, especially those who want a quick transition from smoking to vaping.

Various Types of Pod Vapes Explained

Since first introduced by JUUL back in 2015, pod vapes have gone through many changes up till today, both in their size and capability.

Any best pod vapes in 2022 fall into one of the following categories:

  • Conventional pod system: Small vaping devices that use replaceable cartridges, allowing for both drag and button activation.
  • AIO vape: Short for all-in-one vapes, AIOs differ from conventional pod systems mainly in the replaceable coils they take. Specifically, with an AIO, users only need to change coils on a regular basis, instead of the entire cartridge. AIOs have an apparent edge over conventional pods in terms of the cost-effectiveness—coils are cheaper after all. While being economical just sacrifices a bit of ease of use.
  • Pod mod: They can be considered as larger-sized AIOs equipped with a screen and more advanced chipset to make for more complicated set-ups, as they also use replaceable coils.

Based on whether your pod cartridge is refillable, a pod can be further divided into either open-system or closed-system pod. The former gives you more freedom to swap out between different flavors; while the latter saves you from continuous refills—when a cartridge comes empty, just toss it out and get a new pre-loaded one.

How to Use a Pod System?

Most of the recommended best pod vapes allow for both drag and button activation. That means you can draw flavorful vapors from the mouthpiece no matter you press the button or not. When it comes to pod mods, they usually add a control panel for you to make some basic adjustment in the wattage or modes.

If your pod vape is refillable, regular refills will be required just like recharges. On your first using a pod kit, be mindful to wait for 5-10 minutes after topping up your cartridge. The process is called coil priming, which helps the vape juice fully soaks up the wick to prevent a dry hit or burnt coil.

After the patient priming, you can install the cartridge back in place. Then press the fire button or directly take a puff to turn the device on.

Make the Right Choice: Should You Buy a Pod Vape or Mod?

Some guides might tag pods as beginner devices, while mods as machines for advanced vapers. While the choice between best pod vapes and mod vapes is more about your particular needs, instead of how many experiences you have.

For pro vapers, they might prefer pods in some cases. Different times call for different gears.

A good mod device is a definite winner in spilling huge clouds and delivering flavor. It also gives vapers maximal control over their vaping. Mods are best of the best, until you’re on the go or get on a long trip. In these occasions, these best pod systems, which are portable and simple, will be just the ticket.

Beginners are particularly fond of pod vapes because these devices really save lots of hassles, and can be quickly learned even though they don’t have any clues.

Pros and Cons of a Pod System

Here’re the major pros and cons of pod systems compared to mods:


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Able to be paired up with high-strength nic salt juice to quickly strike out cravings
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Foolproof operations
  • Stealth vaping
  • Less maintenance and build work required


  • Not for cloud chasers
  • Less customization allowed

What Pods Fit Best with Nic Salt Juice?

Nic salt e-liquid is most effective in taming vapers’ nicotine withdrawal. Even at a rather high strength, it still produces a smooth throat hit. Nic salt juice goes best with low-powered devices and MTL vaping style. All the best pod vapes above in this post are ideal options for nic salt juice enthusiasts.

Best Pod Vape Buying Guide: How to Shop on a Budget?

Pod vapes are the most popular type of vapes to go for, as they’re not only friendly to beginners, but also embraced by pro vapers who sometimes want portable devices able to chuck out satisfying clouds. A majority of pod vapes manufactured by big brands, like SMOK and Uwell, are sold for $20 – $30. If they’re newly launched, it will cost you more.

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