9 Best Vape Mods for Clouds of the Year 2022 (Updated in June)

best vape mods

Looking for a right vape mod among sea of choices is not an easy feat. That could get ever harder when you crave really massive and flavorful vapors. No worries—we sifted through dozens of mod vapes on the market that produce big and dense clouds, and selected the following nine for their outstanding performance, functionality and build quality.

Of course, to truly create the effect of room fogging, you cannot rely on a mod vape alone. A fantastic vape atomizer—sub-ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs—is another key to that. Attaching your mod vape to them might deliver clouds in totally different size and flavor representation. If you’re not yet sure what types of atomizer match your needs best, check our earlier posts!


Voopoo Drag 3 mod


  • 177W max output | dual 18650
  • TPP mesh coil that delivers great flavors
  • Great build quality

The Drag 3 mod vape is Voopoo’s another legendary follow-up to its Drag series. With Voopoo’s self-patented TPP mesh coil serving as the vanguard, Drag 3 can put out massive vapors in a fairly smooth manner, and reduce the ramp-up time to the bare minimum. It’s powered by two external 18650 batteries, paired with a fast charging Type-C port. Since it’s compatible with full TPP series coils and tanks, Voopoo Drag 3 can be rated as the best-in-class box mod for versatile vaping.

#2 Vaporesso Gen S

Vaporesso Gen S mod


  • 220W max output power | dual 18650
  • classic metallic coating
  • nice hand feel
  • strong flavor delivery

The Vaporesso Gen S mod is a high-powered device with the max power up to 220W. First and foremost, the mod vape has almost no rival in creating a blast of dense vapors. In terms of delivering authentic juice flavors, it has also surpassed the performance of typical mod vapes.

The backbone is actually Vaporesso’s groundbreaking tech evolution in its mesh coil, which could heat up juice evenly to ensure the least of flavor loss. Another appealing tech leap in the Gen S is from the Axon chipset. The intelligent chip can identify the device temperature and coil resistance, thus providing stable output all along and avoiding overheat.

#3 SMOK Arcfox

SMOK Arcfox mod


  • 230W max output power | dual 18650
  • hassle-free fast charging
  • comprehensive built-in protections

SMOK Arcfox is crowned as an upmarket vape mod not only for its quality and sleek design. Its sturdy construction, as well as flawless fit and finish, are also the reason why it outshines competitors. SMOK Arcfox puts out up to 230W, with the minimum power at only 5W. The wide wattage range allows for truly versatile vaping experience. The box mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and offers 5V/2A Type-C fast charging. Its durable leather and metal shell can be proof against various tampering including shock and dust.

#4 Geekvape Aegis X

Geekvape Aegis X mod


  • 200W max output power | dual 18650
  • Stout and tightly-sealed
  • 2.4″ OLED display screen
  • IP67-rated tri-proof tech

Geekvape Aegis X was first released three years ago, but this classic, stout vape mod is still a top option for lots of vapers up till today. It fires up to 200W and supports a wide range of coils from 0.05ohm to 3.0ohm. Packing AS 2.0 chipset inside, the vape mod provides fully-featured temp control for nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils within the temperature range from 100 to 415°C.

Running on dual 18650 batteries, Geekvape Aegis X is definitely a powerful device. Paired with Geekvape’s well-crafted coils, it pumps out flavorsome big clouds straight into our lungs—excellent sub-ohm vaping!

#5 Vandy Vape Pulse V2

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 mod


  • 95W max output | single 18650, 20700, 21700 battery
  • 7ml squonk bottle
  • durable nylon coating

Squonk mod might sound foreign to vape beginners, but it’s well loved by RDA vaping hobbyists. The Pulse V2 squonk mod by Vandy Vape sports durable Nylon as coating, which makes it capable of handling rough-ups. Even better, its squeezable bottle loads up 7ml e-liquid, so anyone can replenish the wicked coil with vape juice hands down. We love every fuss-free design in it, and believe it’s a good fit for long-haul trips.

Also, Pulse V2 mod comes compatible with three different types of batteries: 20700, 21700 and 18650. It runs on single battery, and supports convenient Type-C charging. Featuring a 5-95W output power range, it’s an ideal entry-level squonk mod.

4 Best Vape Mods in the UK

#1 Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 (M100)

Geekvape Aegis Mini 2


  • Higher portability than most of its fellows
  • Proof against water, dust and shock
  • Smooth vapor produced

Geekvape Aegis Mini 2, or M100, is a tiny 100W mod vape allowing for enormous clouds. Compared with other mod kits in its class, M100 features smaller footprint and girth. However, it impressed us anyway with a huge cloud of immaculate vapors, and surprising versatility.

The handy mod is powered by Geekvape’s most cutting-edge buck-boost innovation, which enables constant stable output even when batteries are running low. Its top-to-bottom airflow structure further enhances the vapor cleanliness and smoothness.

The M100 mod vape utilizes the Geekvape‘s ever-developing tri-proof tech, to protect the device from any possible harms or wearout caused by water, dust and shock. It provides at least five modes to cater to the needs of various vaping scenarios. Besides the regular power, bypass and TC modes, we can also switch it to more personalized VW and stealth modes.

#2 Voopoo Argus GT 

Voopoo Argus GT mod


  • zinc-alloy chassis coupled with quality leather
  • Lightweight
  • 160W max power output

The Argus GT box mod by Voopoo maxes out at 160W and houses dual 18650 batteries. On the outside, its large patch of leather and zinc alloy chassis combine to create understated aesthetic vibe. On the inside, the built-in Gene.TT chipset empowers Argus GT to provide a series of advanced working modes, such as temperature control and beginner-friendly smart mode.

Although feeling the same rigid in hand, Voopoo Argus GT is more lightweight than typical box mods. Its Type-C charging port also makes for fairly fast charging. This is a box mod suitable for being carried around with you in any occasions. Voopoo released an iteration to it early this year, Argus GT II box mod. But we think we wouldn’t “out with the old” this time, since the original Argus GT is honestly better!

#3 SMOK Morph 2 

SMOK Morph 2 mod


  • 230W max output | dual 18650
  • Fast ramp-up
  • Temperature control available
  • 2A current Type-C charging

SMOK Morph 2 box mod utilizes large patches of leather on the shell to ensure comfortable grips. In the meantime, solid metallic chassis makes the device level up in the reliability. This box mod tops out at 230W—without a doubt, it’s a rugged beast that can always satisfy your craving for enormous clouds. SMOK Morph 2 gets powered by dual 18650 batteries, paired with a Type-C charging port featuring 2A current. The IQ-S chipset it puts inside makes for stunning vapor and unrivalled ramp-up speed.

#4 OBS Cube-S

OBS Cube-S mod


  • leather design to make sure great hand feel
  • rounded-off edge and surface
  • small yet powerful

The Cube-S box mod from OBS is an 80W vape running on a high-amp 18650 battery. Cube-S seems to be a box mod more for starters given the max output watt, but its vaping performance doesn’t fall short at all. It can produce a mass of dense vapors that rival any of the best box mods in the market.

With a string of mod lineups released before, OBS has stepped up its game in the Cube-S on all fronts. For example, it hones the mod’s durability and overheat protection to the perfection. It also adds incredible ergonomic design to the Cube-S, to give it a quite comfortable grip in hand.

What is a Mod Vape?

A mod vape is a powering device that can heat your e-juice and vaporize it to vapor. Mods are powered by external batteries, some in single-battery, and others in dual batteries. They tend to have more sophisticated feature set than other types of vapes, allowing for complicated set-ups like temperature control or wattage customization in every puff. That’s also why almost all mod vapes are outfitted with a control panel which consists of buttons and display screen. Aside from making for versatile vaping modes,  the panel visualizes everything about our daily vaping, like puff counts, battery levels, and current coil used.

Types of Mod Vapes Explained

Regulated Box Mods

Regulated box mods are featured for their safety functions and their box-like shapes. They usually are pre-set to support output power within certain ranges. This is to protect the battery from overusing and overheating which might lead to dangerous consequences, such as burning and short circuit.

Compared to mechanical mods, regulated box mods are more suitable for beginners, as they offer comprehensive built-in protections for safer vaping. 

Squonk Mods

Squonk mods are the perfect match for RDAs. A squonk mod comes with a squeeze bottle that you can fill in e-juice for storage. Every time you vape off the liquid, just squeeze the bottle and the vape juice will be sent all the way up to your atomizer. That saves you from the hassle of dripping over and over again.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods, unlike regulated box mods, don’t have internal circuitry between batteries and atomizers to ensure a maximum of safety, which means they power your atomizer directly from the battery. This kind of design allow vapers to get the most out of the battery power, and also more control over the entire vaping experience. 

It is important for users to know well about related physics such as ohm’s law, for example, A (Current) *Ω(Resistance)=V (Voltage). Also, you have to be extra careful and adept when operating.  

How to exhale big clouds with our vape mods?

After the coil heats up and atomizes the e-liquid, it offers vapor for us to breathe in and out. That’s exactly the clouds we always talk about. Although a good vape hardware lies at the heart of bigger clouds, some other factors could also make a difference.

  • Fill your liquid reservoir with high VG juices. Vegetable Glycerol is the major ingredient in the vape juice to make for dense and massive clouds. Pay attention to the PG/VG ratio when you pick out e-liquid, and choose those with higher VG content.
  • Ramp up the output power.
  • Opt for coils with low resistance.
  • Increase the airflow to allow more airs in. You could produce a mass of clouds through the three steps, but don’t take things too far. If you’re not experienced enough yet, don’t rush to try these set-ups. Learning about adequate basics about sub-ohm vaping first could help a lot. After all, improper operations might lead to dry hits that would ruin your coils.
  • Change the way you inhale or exhale. If you’re not in the mood yet to adjust the set-ups or add-ons, you can also increase your vapor amount by changing some postures. For example, straighten up when you breathe vapors in—it could open up your lungs to load more vapors. When you breathe them out, glide your lower jaw out a little bit. The simple stretch could open your throat wider and force more vapors to flow out.


For any cloud chasers, picking out excellent vaping hardware is the first step to take. In addition, you should also factor in the output power, vape juice, airflow and so on to further optimize your vapor amount. Hope you’ll have fun in the cloud-chasing journey with any of these best vape mods!

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