smoke free

Wellington Hospo Venues to Become Vape and Smoke Free

From March 1, 2023, all Wellington hotel venues with outdoor seating on Council property will be vape and smoke free. To support Smokefree Aotearoa 2025, Wellingtonians are being asked to clean up the...

vape ban

The City of Temple Is Considering Ban on Vape Sales

Tempe is considering the impacts of a potential ban on vape sales across the city Professors and students are concerned that Tempe City Council’s planned prohibition of flavored tobacco will be ...

Vape Tax

A Difficult Equation to Solve: An Eu-Wide Excise Tax on New Nicotine Products

The European Commission’s primary intent to enforce an EU-wide excise tax on new products like vapes, heated nicotine, and tobacco pouches has split key players as to whether it will achieve its...


Overview: How Terrible Is Australia’s Vaping Situation, and How Are Teenagers Obtaining Nicotine Vape Products?

What are the long-term consequences of vaping for kids? Is there any action being taken concerning it? New research reveals the extent to which addiction has spread. Is it actually true that a growing...

Cannabis Vape Ban

Newfoundland Repeals Its Cannabis Vape Ban but Maintains Flavor Restrictions

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador government has lifted a late-2019 prohibiting the marketing of cannabis vape goods while maintaining a ban on the addition of non-cannabis flavors. A...

Geekvape to launch a new Geekbar product DF6000 in the Philippines
teenager vape

The Hunt Is On: Regulatory Agencies Are Gradually Clamping Down on Vapes Aimed at Teenagers

Samuel Rose claims he was brought up by a dedicated single mother who advised her seven children to stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. However, five years ago, when a colleague from high s...

free vape

Free Vapes Distributed in Dublin Pubs and Nightclubs Dubbed “Nasty, Cheap Marketing”

The distribution of free vapes in Dublin nightclubs and pubs in exchange for brand endorsement has been dubbed “nasty, cheap marketing.” Salt Vape Ireland recently ran the marketing in abo...

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