Mod Kits

What is Mod Kit

A mod kit usually is consisted of a mod device and a tank/cartridge. The most important part is the vape mod. Mods, or box mods, compared to other vapes, like pod mods, pod systems, or disposable vapes, are typically bigger in size. Mods have larger batteries (usually built-in battery or lithium ion batteries) and offer more functions, such as screen display, wider output power range, and more. Therefore, vape mods are also called advanced personal vaporizers (APV). In mod kits, you can expect to have larger vapor that is warm. Besides, for some mods, you can customize your vaping based on your preference. If you are users of vape starter kit and looking for more powerful vaping, a mod kit might be your next stop of your vaping journey.
vaporesso amour

An In-Depth Look at VAPORESSO Armour Max and VAPORESSO Armour S

  1. Introduction Vaping enthusiasts are in for a treat with VAPORESSO’s latest offerings: the VAPORESSO Armour Max and VAPORESSO Armour S models. Both vapes boast a bold industrial design,...

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Voopoo Argus XT

Voopoo Argus XT Vape Mod Kit 100W

Maxing out at 100W and powered by single 18650, Voopoo Argus XT leaves a lasting impression of luxury, durability, and thoughtful design.

8 Great 9.7 Amazing User Avg
Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch) vape mod kit

Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch) Mod Vape Kit 200W

Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch) Starter Kit 200W with Z 2021 Tank consists of Geekvape T200 mod and Geekvape Z 2021 Tank. Geekvape T200 Box mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries with max 200W output &...

8.7 Great 9.9 Amazing User Avg
Voopoo Argus MT Kit

Voopoo Argus MT Mod Kit 100W

Voopoo Argus MT mod kit comes in five metallic colourways and comes equipped with a little aperture that you can feed a lanyard through so you can take it anywhere.

7.8 Good 7.9 Good User Avg
SMOK Arcfox mod kit

SMOK Arcfox Mod Kit 230W

SMOK Arcfox mod Kit features a range of 6 to 220W power output and intelligent temperature control, driven by two high amp 18650 batteries (sold separately) within an IP67 rated zinc-alloy and leather...

8.2 Great 9.5 Amazing User Avg
VAPORESSO Target 100 Mod Vape Kit

Vaporesso Target 100 Mod Vape Kit

Vaporesso Target 100 mod kit is a popular choice amongst vapers who want to enjoy great clouds and vibrant flavour at an affordable price. Released by Vaporesso at the same time as the higher-powered ...

8.7 Great 2 Bad User Avg
Argus GT product

Voopoo Argus GT Mod Kit

Argus GT Mod kit comes complete with the box mod itself, a modular PnP tank, a charging cable, a user manual, and two coil heads to get you started.

8.2 Great 9.5 Amazing User Avg

Voopoo Argus GT Mod Review: A Solid Contender

Made by the sophisticated vape manufacturer Voopoo, the Argus GT Mod is a release that has taken the market by storm. Although some of their previous launches weren’t especially well-received, the Voo...

8.2 Great
Geekvape Z100C DNA pod mod

GEEKVAPE Z100C DNA 100W Pod Mod Kit

Z100C DNA can put out at a maximum of 100W, and give accurate temp control within the range between 100 and 315°C.

8.4 Great