Best Pod Mod

Pod mod, just like the name, is a mixed vape of pod and mod. Pod mod is consisted of a pod to hold e-liquid and a mod device that is simpler than mod vape. Pod mod is great for new users who want to start to use mod vapes since it doesn’t have as complicated functions as mods. Pod mod is also called AIO (all in one) vape. It comes in full pack including the pod, mod with built-in batteyr. All you need is to buy e-liquid or sometimes there is no charging cable included in the package and you may need one.

What Makes a Pod Mod the Best?

When we are looking for an ideal pod mod, we are looking at its design, ease of use, and performance.
Pod mod can be chic and unique in its design, such as Uwell Havok V1 which is in a rectangular shape, the most commonly seen pod mod design VOOPOO Drag S pro, or the irregular shaped Geekvape Aegis Hero. However, we care more about if the design is friendly to vapers’ grasps. The material, components, and the airflow rings are taken into our consideration.
Ease of Use
Since a pod mod is about more convenient than mod, it should be treating the users nicely. Does it take a lot of time learning the user manuals? Does it have a convenient filling port design? Don’t worry, we will take care and figure them out for you.

Finally, there comes to the performance. Performance is all about the flavor. We don’t want any burnt flavor, coil gunk, leakage, or flavor loss. In our lists, we will find the best ones for you and try our best to make everything easy and simple.
best pod mods

Best Pod Mod Vapes to Buy 2023

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