Pod Systems

What is Pod System

Pod system is also called starter kit. It is simpler than pod mod and mod, while a bit more complicated than disposable vapes. Pod systems are usually rechargeable vapes with internal batteries. Moreover, a pod system is consisted of a pod and device. There are two kinds of pods now: open system and closed system. Open system pod enables you to fill and refill the pod with your own e-liquid. Closed system pod is prefilled with e-liquid. You choose the flavor you want from the options offered by vape brands and get a well-installed pod in hands.
Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System

A Must Try Stunning New Vape Kit — Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod Vape Review

  1. Introduction The Uwell Caliburn Explorer pod system is hitting the shelves, bringing with it a set of specs that aim to mix things up. This pod system is built around a sturdy 1000mAh batter...

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Viggo Pod System

Viggo Pod System: Perfect Alternative to Disposable Vapes in Australia

  Disposable vapes are probably the most popular vaping devices in the world today. That’s true in all of the biggest vaping markets including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia....

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CALIBURN GK3 Comes in Retro, iPhone 15 Comes in Lit

  Unveiling the all-new CALIBURN GK3 Pod System – a fusion of retro-futurism charm! Embodying the iconic aesthetics reminiscent of the UWELL KOKO series, this cutting-edge device showcases ...

Uwell Caliburn GK3

Uwell Caliburn GK3 Preview: A Pod System Full of Futuristic Elements

  Introducing the Uwell Caliburn GK3 Kit, a state-of-the-art vaping system designed to revolutionize your vaping experience. This kit boasts a cutting-edge2.5ml Caliburn G3 pod with an integrated...

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  We are introducing the latest additions to our line-up of extraordinary ZEGA formfactor – the CALIBURN GZ2 Cyber Pod System and CALIBURN AZ3 Grace. Try these two products and vibe with Cy...


VAPORESSO LUXE Q2 – The Perfect Blend of Style and Substance

  1. Introduction We’ve previously delved into the VAPORESSO LUXE line, examining both the LUXE X PRO and the LUXE Q2 SE. These pod mod vapes impressed us with their performance, durability...

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UWELL’s New Masterpiece – Unpacking the Uwell CALIBURN G3 Pod System

  1. Introduction The vaping world never stands still, and neither does UWELL. With the introduction of the Uwell CALIBURN G3 pod system, manufacturer UWELL has once again shown its commitment to...

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VOOPOO Doric 20 SE

VOOPOO Doric 20 SE Pod Vape Kit

VOOPOO Doric 20 SE is a fantastic pod system that stands out with its minimalist, stylish design, with mesh coils providing a satisfying experience.

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Geekvape Sonder U Kit

Geekvape Sonder U 20W Pod System

Geekvape Sonder U is a sleek and compact pod vape that offers a powerful 20-watt output and a long-lasting 1000mAh rechargeable battery.

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