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vaporesso amour

An In-Depth Look at VAPORESSO Armour Max and VAPORESSO Armour S

  1. Introduction Vaping enthusiasts are in for a treat with VAPORESSO’s latest offerings: the VAPORESSO Armour Max and VAPORESSO Armour S models. Both vapes boast a bold industrial design,...

9.3 Amazing
Voopoo Argus XT mod vape kit - featured image

Voopoo Argus XT 100W Vape Mod Review: A Durable and Luxurious Starter Kit

The Voopoo Argus XT is a solid vape mod, very similar to its ‘sibling’ model, the Argus MT. Both have a max power of 100W, have been rated to IP68, a tank that holds a whopping 6.5mL of e-juice, and t...

8 Great
Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch) mod

Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch) Mod Kit Review: Surprise You with the 2.4-Inch Full Touch Screen

The Geekvape T200, also known as the AEGIS Touch, is the latest massive vape that offers massive power of 200 watts. This is one of Geekvape’s 22 Aegis models, more specifically, the biggest one with ...

8.7 Great
SMOK Arcfox mod kit

SMOK Arcfox 230W Mod Kit Review: This “Tough Guy” Chucks Out Big Clouds!

SMOK is one of the biggest names in modern vaping, and with such a strong reputation, it’s clear that the SMOK Arcfox 230W vape mod kit has a lot to live up to. With its powerful dual 18650 batteries,...

8.2 Great
Voopoo Argus MT mod kit

VooPoo Argus MT 100W Kit Review: Well-Crafted Powerful Mod for Starters (but it Leaks!)

Introduction Voopoo is launching two new powerful mod kits, the Voopoo Argus MT and XT. The two kits are very much alike from basic specifications to the feature set they offer. The only key differenc...

7.8 Good
VAPORESSO Target 100 Mod Vape Kit

Vaporesso Target 100 Mod Kit Review: Makes Cloud Chucking Easy

Vaporesso is a well-known brand in the vaping industry, and the Vaporesso Target 100 mod kit is a popular choice amongst vapers who want to enjoy great clouds and vibrant flavour at an affordable pric...

8.7 Great
Geekvape Aegis X mod kit

GeekVape Aegis X 200W Mod Kit Review: Totally Worth the Hype

Geekvape is one of the best-known vape manufacturers, so there’s a lot for its Aegis X mod kit to live up to. Rated for 220w, this vape mod comes with a colour 2.4-inch screen and a powerful AS 2.0 ch...

9 Amazing
Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 mod kit

Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 Mod Kit Review: The Legend Continues

Geekvape is one of the longest-established vaping brands, and most experienced vapers are aware of it. Over the many years the brand has been in existence, it has produced some excellent products and ...

8.9 Great

Voopoo Argus GT Mod Review: A Solid Contender

Made by the sophisticated vape manufacturer Voopoo, the Argus GT Mod is a release that has taken the market by storm. Although some of their previous launches weren’t especially well-received, the Voo...

8.2 Great
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