Best Beginner Vapes

Beginner vapes refer to any vape starter kits that require less expertise to navigate and can be easily carried around. They fit well with various groups of vapers, including newbies, just-switching smokers, and those who want to make a smooth transition to more advanced higher-powered mod vapes.
From disposable vapes to pod systems and pod mods, there are a variety of vape starter kits designed for “new” vapers at different levels.

Best Beginner Vape
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8 Best Pod Vapes of 2023 [Updated in Jan.]

Pod system remains convenience, great flavour, sensational performance, plentiful options. It is hard to pick out the right one that is perfect for you. This post will put together the list of the bes...

Best Vapes for Beginners
Best Vapes to Quit Smoking
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Best Pod Mod Vapes to Buy 2023

There are various pod mods with different functionality in the vape industry. It is difficult for new vapers to choose the best pod mod. In this article, we have put a list of the best pod mod of 2020...

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