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What is Vape Pen?

Vape pen, just like its name, is a pen-like vape device. They are also called pen-styled vapes. There are usually two parts that consist of a vape pen. One is the tank. The other is the device (in cylindrical shape). Vape pens work the same as other vapes do. They contain a battery source, a tank and a atomizer to heat the e-liquid inside to vaporize and produce clouds for vapers. Vape pens usually don’t have screen vapers can read. The only button on the device works multi-functionally that it plays different roles, such as the firing button, the output power controller, and the on/off button. If you are interested, you can check out the following vape pens like Geekvape G18 starter pens.

Joyetech eRoll Mac

Joyetech eRoll Mac Simple Pen Kit

Joyetech eRoll Mac Simple Pen Kit is combined with 180mAh battery and 0.55ml cartridge. It is very portable and light in weigh with 11W max power. The 1.2ohm ceramic coil is available for oils and nic...

geekvape g18 starter pen

Geekvape G18 Starter Vape Pen

G18 Pen Kit is a flavor-in and color-out Starter Kit. The pen-shaped body comes with built-in 1300mAh battery, it supports a whole-day vaping and USB-C Port enables a convenient charging. The 3-level ...

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