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XJOY Bar 1000

Meet XJOY Bar 1000: The Small Bar with Big Game – 1000 Puffs in Just 2mL

  London, UK, innovation is unleashed. The future arrives with XJOY Bar 1000, the world’s first single use vape product to achieve more than 1000 puffs in 2mL. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, it holds 2mL of e-liquid that can deliver flavours that will stay with you until the end. In addition, to 1000 puffs and consistent flavours,

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VooPoo Drag X2

VooPoo Drag X2 Review – Power, Style, and Performance in the Palm of Your Hand

  1. Introduction Step into the world of vaping with the VooPoo Drag X2, an impressive device that perfectly balances power, style, and ease of use. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its design, pod system, durability, ergonomics, leakage, battery and charging capabilities, ease of use, performance, and price – pretty much everything you need to know.

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FEELM’s first free 15,000+ puff e-cigarette solution-POWER ALPHA 2.0

  On January 31,2024,  FEELM – the leading closed system e-cigarette solution provider released the world’s first free large-capacity disposable technology solution POWER ALPHA 2.0. It is the world’s first charge-free solution for over 15,000 puffs, effectively solving the problem of needing repeated charging in the large puffs vapes popular on the market. Previous reports of the original POWER ALPHA

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Vapes sales have slowed, while nicotine pouch sales have soared

  According to analysts at TD Cowen, sales of traditional cigarettes and vapes have declined in the past two weeks, while sales of oral nicotine pouches have experienced significant growth. Cigarette volumes dropped by 10% in the two weeks ending on January 13, a more severe decline compared to the previous four weeks and 12 weeks. Bonnie Herzog, managing director

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0.5 Sec to Feel the Burst of Flavors! FEELM Introduces the World’s First Burst Power Ceramic Coil Vape Solution!

  Feb. 01, 2024 – FEELM, the world’s leading vape solution provider, announced the launch of the world’s first burst power ceramic coil vape solution – FEELM TURBO. This solution leverages cutting-edge ceramic coil technology to deliver an explosion of flavor for consumers. Like none others, it can deliver intense flavors, powerful vapor in the shortest time, and enduringly long

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Ultimate Exploring the Enhanced Features of the RabBeats RC10000 Disposable Vape, Elevating Vape Experience

Introduction: The RabBeats RC10000 is a standout contender in the disposable vape world. Boasting a compact yet high-capacity design, this rechargeable disposable is equipped with intelligent features such as an LED display for monitoring battery and juice levels. With a 620mAh battery and 18mL of 5% nic salt juice available in 23 flavors, the RC10000 offers a promising vaping experience.

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voopoo drag s2

VooPoo Drag S2 Review – Where Style Meets Substance

  1. Introduction Let’s dive straight into the VooPoo Drag S2, a vape that’s making waves for its blend of power and user-friendliness. This review cuts through the noise to give you a real sense of what the Drag S2 is all about. We’ll cover its design, how it holds up in everyday use, battery life, how easy it is

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