8 Best RDAs in 2023: for Flavor, Clouds, Squonking & Beginners

best RDAs 2022

Among vape hobbyists, RDA is always the perfect go-to hardware. It has unrivalled flavor and vapor production compared to other rebuildable atomizers, and meanwhile allows for a much higher level of control and customization than sub-ohm tanks.

If you’re looking to further your vaping experience, an RDA has got that covered.

Although the collection of RDA tanks is enormous, there’s no particular one that can fit all. So, our expert team has put together this list of 8 best RDAs to meet every specific need and want. No matter what you prefer in an RDA—flavor, mass clouds, squonkability or beginner-friendly builds—you’ll find a right one here.

#1 Damn Vape Nitrous+

Damn Vape Nitrous+ RDA

Best for Flavor

  • Honeycomb airflow
  • Reduced chamber designed to enhance flavor
  • Allowing for both single & dual coil builds

Whenever there’s a discussion about RDA with best flavor, Damn Vape Nitrous+ has always been on the top of the list. The RDA has a 22mm-style deck with four post holes, supporting both single and dual coil builds. That makes it possible for you to switch between RDL and DL vaping styles if you want, to unlock more possibilities in clouds you can create.

Nitrous+ is well-reputed for the flavor thanks to its clever engineering. It specially sizes down the chamber to reduce flavor loss as much as possible. Another key to the flavorful vapor is its honeycomb airflow system resting on the side, which allows it to transport the air to hit a coil horizontally. The system consists of 10 air holes. By rotating the control ring, you can fine tune the air amount to your liking quite precisely.

#2 Vandy Vape Requiem

Vandy Vapes Requiem RDA

Best Single Coil RDA

  • 3 top caps available for versatile fun
  • Compatible with squonk mod
  • Multiple options for airflow control

Vandy Vape Requiem is an intuitive and versatile single-coil RDA tank. Its two-post design, combined with the large sturdy screws, makes sure you’ll have no issue with fastening your coil onto the deck. It can work with squonk mods with a center squonking pin, which feeds e-liquid from the bottom to the wicks without delay. The compatibility with squonks eliminates any concerns about gunky overspill or tiresome dripping.

The RDA’s capability is not confined by the ease of use though. Requiem offers you three top caps in the kit, all of which feature air channels and mouthpiece in different size. Such a complete set of accessories enable you to cycle through all the three vaping styles from DL and RDL right through to MTL. What’s more, you can also further adjust the air allowed in by simply rotating the RDA body.

#3 District f5ve C2MNT

District f5ve C2MNT RDA

Best Dual Coil RDA

  • Squonk ready
  • Drop-style postless deck with big openings
  • Amazing vapor production and flavor

With CSMNT one of the most recommended RDAs on the market, District f5ve stepped up its game by releasing the new generation, C2MNT. The updated RDA retains many well-recognized features of the original edition, including the postless deck and huge openings for threading leads in. And it utilizes the same cyclops-style airflow system to strike out coils from each side. That means you can absolutely rely on it to chuck out huge amount of clouds and inhale banging flavor as before.

In the meantime, it makes a couple of tweaks to get everything better. For instance, it transforms the deck into a drop-style one and extends the screws to make your dual-coil build simpler to navigate. It also adds a standard squonk pin to make for the squonk-style vaping.

#4 FreeMax Mesh Pro

FreeMax Mesh Pro

Best Dual Coil RDA

  • Highly adjustable honeycomb airflow
  • Enabling dual mesh coil build
  • Parallel and series coil configuration

Unlock the full potential of your FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank, FreeMax FireLuke Tank, and FreeMax FireLuke Pro Tank with the original mesh coils. The Freemax Mesh Pro Coils offer an extensive range of atomizer cores, including the innovative Quad Mesh and Triple Mesh options, exclusively designed for the Mesh Pro tank. While the single and dual coils deliver fantastic performance, the triple and quad coils take the flavor experience to a whole new level of excellence. Each pack contains three coils, ensuring a continuous supply of flavorful vapor.

These cutting-edge replacement coils from Freemax are specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Mesh Pro tank, guaranteeing optimal performance and exceptional flavor delivery. Moreover, these coils are backward compatible with previous tank models such as the Freemax Fireluke and Fireluke Pro sub-ohm tanks, providing versatility and convenience.

Upgrade your vaping sessions with Freemax Mesh Pro Coils and witness the remarkable improvement in flavor production and vapor performance. Experience the latest coil technology from Freemax and enjoy a vaping experience that surpasses expectations.

#5 Hellvape Dead Rabbit Solo RDA

Hellvape Dead Rabbit Solo RDA

Best Squonkable RDA

  • Flavor machine thanks to the reduced size
  • Easy single-coil build
  • Exchangeable bottom squonk pin

Experience the latest addition to the renowned Dead Rabbit Collection, the Solo RDA! Designed with versatility and flavor in mind, the Dead Rabbit Solo showcases a sleek and narrow 22mm diameter, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of mods. Its compact size makes it perfect for those seeking a single coil setup without sacrificing performance.

The Dead Rabbit Solo features a user-friendly single coil deck, allowing for easy coil installations and hassle-free building. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this RDA is built to last, delivering a reliable and flavorful vaping experience.

Equipped with a 30-hole honeycomb airflow design, the Dead Rabbit Solo offers precise airflow control, providing an even distribution of airflow across the coil for optimal flavor production. Customize your vaping experience with the finely adjustable airflow control ring, allowing you to fine-tune the draw to your preference.

With a versatile 810 drip tip and a threaded 510 BF (bottom-feeding) pin, the Dead Rabbit Solo offers convenience and compatibility with a wide range of vaping setups.

#6 WOTOFO Profile 1.5

WOTOFO Profile 1.5 RDA

Best for Beginners

  • Roomy build deck for single mesh coil
  • Foolproof airflow adjustment
  • Squonk mod allowed

WOTOFO’s Profile 1.5 is specially geared for single mesh coil build. Its deck on the base features a roomy 22.5mm ID, and two beefy clamps on both sides to secure the mesh coil in. Compared to traditional coils, mesh is always friendlier to RDA beginners as it doesn’t require the fiddly wrapping and alignment. Moreover, as mesh coil needs less wattage to deliver optimal performance, beginners can experience the same great vapor and flavor production even if pairing the Profile 1.5 with a lower-powered starter-level mod.

Like all the previous WOTOFO Profile lineups, Profile 1.5 also adopts a Cyclops-style airflow control system for precise air adjustment. By rotating the cap body, you can experience immediate changes in the air contained in the vapor. It also keeps the center squonk pin, allowing you to feed vape juice to the cotton wicks from the bottom.

#7 Vapefly Galaxies MTL

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA

Best for MTL Vaping

  • Great machining and build quality
  • AFC properly geared for MTL vaping
  • Rare combo of MTL draws and squonkability

Vapefly’s Galaxies RDA is one of the few squonkable MTL RDA on the market. Currently there’re not much RDA tanks combining MTL draws with squonking style, but this one does it and does it quite well.

Galaxies MTL makes for three different levels of airflow, all of which excel at smoothing vapors out. When you switch it to the lowest air setting, you’ll get a really tight and restricted draw, almost identical to what you experience from smoking. Its well-made narrow mouthpiece also takes the MTL draw to the next level.

#8 Geekvape Z

Geekvape Z RDA

Best Anti-Leak RDA

  • Top-to-bottom airflow system
  • Top-level anti-leaking capability
  • Dual coil build deck

As leaking becomes a constant pain point in the RDA tank market, Geekvape rises through the ranks of hardware manufacturers by launching the Z RDA. Leak-resistance is the hallmark of Geekvape Z. To make sure the RDA won’t rest in a messy puddle of e-liquid even if standing at a tilt, Geekvape places the AFC slot on the top and further improves the sealing.

While Z RDA doesn’t compromise on the flavor delivery and cloud chucking. It employs the unique top-to-bottom airflow system, so the air will quickly be channeled to strike out the coil even though it comes from the upper part. The deck is spacious enough to house dual coils. With the Geekvape Z RDA, you can enjoy tidy and clean vaping with no leakage anxiety, and meanwhile chase big clouds with satisfying flavors.

What is an RDA?

RDA, short for “rebuildable dripping atomizer,” is quite distinct from conventional vape tanks. It allows you to drip the e-liquid directly onto the cotton wicks, and replenish some more every time you vape the liquid off. To simpler terms, it’s a drip-to-vape system. Another key difference is that RDA requires your manual coil build on its deck.

If you’re keen to fine tune each setup in your vaping, RDA is definitely an ideal gear to try out. What’s more, its clever engineering makes sure it has no rival in releasing a maximum of flavor, and always gives you the chance to enjoy impressive room fogging.

How do you vape RDAs?

Using an advanced RDA involves several more steps than a regular tank. The most challenging part is building and installing the coil, which could become quite a fiddle if you build dual or more coils. In our earlier post, we’ve covered every detail in how beginners should build a coil—be sure to check that out. You’ll develop a good deal of expertise in this with sufficient patience and practice.

Once the build is complete, remember to prime the coil for minutes if you don’t want to experience burnt tastes after only a couple of drags. Next you can start the drip-to-go voyage. If your RDA can be connected with a squonk mod, things are easier—you just squeeze the squonk bottle to top it up, without the need of repeated dripping.

The final step is putting the atomizer back in place and enjoying the drags.

What’s the difference between RDA and RTA?

RTA is the abbreviation for “rebuildable tank atomizer.” Same as the RDA, it’s also a common type of rebuildable atomizers widely welcomed by vape hobbyists. Both of them give vapers a high level of control over their vaping.

RTA differs from RDA mainly in the tank section it adds to store the e-liquid. A typical tank can load up at least 2mL liquid on one refill, sometimes as many as 6mL. Without any doubts, RTA is designed for higher convenience as it no longer requires continuous manual dripping. That makes it well embraced by those vaping a lot out of the house.

While for some pro vapers, the charm of RDAs is harder to resist. Granted, plenty of RTAs are rather excellent performers, like those great ones we recommended earlier. RDAs, however, are always better at delivering intense flavors and pumping out huge clouds.

Another big allure of RDAs is that you can exhaust a certain vape juice very quickly, and go to another one with different flavor whenever you want.

What does RDTA stand for?

RDTA stands for the “rebuildable dripping tank atomizer.” It’s a creative combination of RDA and RTA, giving you the freedom to swap out between a dripping system and tank system with a single device.

How to choose RDAs like a pro vaper?

RDAs can vary greatly just for a tad of tiny changes, like a slightly expanded build deck or a lowered airflow slot. Exactly like when you hunt for a right vape, it’s necessary to learn the basics of an RDA to find a perfect match.

Here’re four major things that pro vapers usually factor in when buying an RDA:

l  Build deck diameter and post

It has a lot to do with how many coils you can build, and what type of coil you can use. If you have a large build deck with more than two post holes, higher chances that you can build multiple coils. Generally, single-coil build is easier to control, whereas dual or more coils allow you to put out higher wattage to chase bigger clouds and richer flavors.

Also pay attention to the openings in the posts to secure coils: thin and long openings are usually there for clamping mesh coils, and holes are used to insert traditional wrapped coils in.

l  Airflow system

Position of the airflow holes has a big impact on the vapor performance. Technically, the flavor and vapor production of your RDA reach the pinnacle only when air directly hits the coil. And airflow system sitting at the bottom of an RDA is more likely to achieve that.

That said, top airflow RDAs are still widely accepted by vapers for their leak-proof feature. They’re more suitable for you to carry around.

l  Squonkable or not

Although RTAs make vaping simpler by omitting the step of e-juice dripping, some vapers would rather stick to the “troublesome” RDAs anyways driven by desires for the best performance. It’s just like you can’t have it both ways.

Squonk mod comes to solve the dilemma. It can hoard lots of vape juice, and every time you squeeze the squonk bottle, a small amount of e-liquid will be at once channeled to the coil like how a drip system works. Vapers loving easy operations tend to opt for RDAs compatible with squonk mods.

l  Drip tip

Be mindful of the drip tip of an RDA, since it largely decides you’ll vape MTL or DTL from it. MTL RDAs usually adopt a narrow drip tip, which helps to mimic the draws on traditional cigarettes. While it’s okay even if you can’t recognize them by yourself, as manufacturers would tell you so if it’s geared for MTL instead of the more popular DTL. Just-switching vapers tend to prefer such MTL RDAs.

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