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Philipp Morris Acquire Swedish Match
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EU endorses vapes
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Ex-WHO Director Slams Organization for Trying To Be Nicotine Free, not Smoke-Free

The World Health Organization is under fire again, this time by an ex-director who has slammed the policy of being nicotine-free rather than smoke-free and not seeking safer alternatives to tobacco. A...

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NJOY will Submit Products to NHS for Medical License in the UK

When the UK opened the door for e-cigarette brands to apply for medical licenses months ago, it’s set to become the first country to allow for vaping product prescription. Several vape firms, ac...

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UK Has Allowed E-Cigarette Prescription to Help Smokers Quit

In the wake of an updated guidance published by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the country now allows doctors to prescribe e-cigarettes as medicines to help smoke...

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Geekvape Collaborates with Aston Martin in the World-Level Car Race

The 68th Macau Grand Prix rung down the curtain a month ago. As one of the most recognized street circuit race on the globe, it’s been the hottest topic among racing enthusiasts for the whole November...

IECIE 2021 Shenzhen

Find the Latest and Greatest in IECIE 2021 Shenzhen China

International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo (IECIE) 2021 is among the most influential trade fairs for the vaping industry. This year, it played host to over 2,500 vape brands to showcase the bes...

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Would China’s New Vape Regulation Influence the Global Vape Market?

What is China’s New Vaping Regulation? When China’s State Council issued a new resolution on November 11th, it made quite a fuss across the country’s vaping industry. Chinese authori...