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Vaporesso Target 200 Mod Kit Review: Extreme Compact Dual-Cell Device

  • Excellent fit and finish to avoid leakage
  • Light and portable
  • Water-resistant braided coating
  • Up to 8ml liquid capacity
  • Ergonomic
  • Flavor banger
  • No obvious change under F(t) and Pulse mode
  • No TC mode
  • Moderate amount of clouds
Function - 8.5
Quality and Design - 9.5
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 9
Price - 10

Target 200 is the latest entry in Vaporesso’s Target line. With the number standing for a roughly maximum power, the new release, as the name suggests, could top out at 220W. That’s a jump of over 100W compared to the earlier iteration Target 80.

“Going compact” must be something Vaporesso gives priority to in manufacturing the Target 200 kit. Although excavated with a roomy space inside to house two 18650 batteries, its mod looks far smaller than a typical dual-cell device. Vaporesso has scaled down the sub-ohm vape tank as well. It’s true the tank looks no different from standard ones in size, but it could load up to 8mL vape juice.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

After days of testing on the Vaporesso Target 200, we’ve sorted through all the device’s pros and cons in the paragraphs below. By the way, we highlight aspects we like in green, and those we don’t in red, to make your reading easier. Let’s kick it off!

Product Info


Dual batteries

Enhanced liquid capacity to 8ml

Low-pitched turbo airflow system

Excellent fit and finish

Sub-ohm DTL vaping

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Dimension: 42.8mm x 33.7mm x 142.1mm

Tank Capacity: 8ml/2ml (TPD)

Coil Resistance: GTi 0.2Ω MESH Coil (60-75W) / GTi 0.4Ω MESH Coil (50-60W)

Battery Capacity: 2 x 18650 Battery (Not Included)

Output Power: 5-220W

Charging Current: DC 5V/2A, Type-C

Display: 0.96” TFT Screen

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What's in the Kit (Standard Ver.)


VAPORESSO iTank (8ml) x 1

GTi 0.2Ω MESH Coil (60-75W) x 1

GTi 0.4Ω MESH Coil (50-60W) x 1

Extra Glass Tube x 1

O-ring x 3

TYPE-C Cable x 1

User Manual x 1

Warranty Card x 1

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Performance (at 70W) – 9

Vaporesso Target 200 includes two pre-built coils at 0.2Ω and 0.4Ω respectively. For your information, the coil we mainly tested was the lower-resistance one, and the highest watt we can fire to was 70W (confined by the chipset programming).

Target 200’s vapor at this power level was in moderate amount, yet brought out fairly robust flavors in the mouth. And the flavor intensity was insanely constant. Overall, Target 200 is more of a flavor banger and less of a cloud monster. What impressed us more was its smooth vaporization. Every puff we took was even, which has just continuously proved how finely the coil could heat up and smooth out the juice.

Lab Test Result

Our test is conducted on fully charged device, and each test is conducted for at least 3-4 times.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

We tested Vaporesso Target 200 in power mode using the 0.2Ω coil since we thought this one was a mainly used resistance for most users.

From the table above, we can tell that at 180W and 220W setting power, the actual power went up to 220W and higher, while the powers at 60W and 120W were around the range (5% difference from the setting power). We analyzed that there was thermal drift, since Target 200 is heating up at 220W and the temperature was so high that it heated the ambient materials as well. Overall, the test results of Target 220W looks amazing to us. It delivers powerful strength and you can expect to experience strong vaping.

Another pro we want to emphasize is the charging rate. Vaporesso states that Target 200 supports fast charging at 2A and they didn’t fail us. We tested the charging rate at 5.1 V 1.95A.

Design – 9.5


Almost half of Target 20’s mod is coated with water-resistant braids. The braided texture, when used in a mod, really rocks it. It neither builds up smudges (fingerprints especially) nor comes as vulnerable to scratches. And the way it felt slightly rough in hands turned out to make the grips more comfortable, which was sort of a surprise for us. Target 200 has five colors on offer. Or to be more specific, it dyes the braids blue, black, red, grey and green for us to choose from. All the five are muted colors with a touch of rigidity, leaving an impression of chill elegance.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

When we weighed the mod in hands, it jumped out at us that “compact” is by no means any over marketing. It’s not only about the size. Target 200 is extremely light as well. For me personally, it ranks top on my list if I’m about to choose a mod vape for a long trip. Portable size plus superb liquid capacity—it almost holds all the aces.

Target 200 could do this so well largely because of the triangle structure it utilizes. If we straightly cut the mod from the middle, there would be a rounded-off triangular section. Such engineering, for one thing, keeps each part laid out more densely, and thus cut the size down. Moreover, from our experience, it also takes the grips to another level. Target 200 is a definite ergonomic device.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

On the front face of Vaporesso Target 200 sits its 0.96″ LED screen. It looks of high quality, and features good resolution ratio and brightness. The only issue is the screen covers the front face from head to toe, as a result of which we would touch it inevitably so often and leave quite a lot of fingerprints.

Sub ohm iTank

8ml capacity is with no doubt the biggest highlight of the vape tank. While on top of that, the liquid window is as eye-catching. Or rather, it’s not a window in the strictest sense, since the entire tank is transparent. It enables us to observe the liquid level from a 360-degree view.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

The top refill system of Target 200 iTank hasn’t presented any issue. Just like Wotofo Mdura Pro we reviewed early this month, its refilling also eliminates the step of uncovering a rubber lid, merely needing us to slide open a cap and cram the bottle tip in. Except that Wotofo’s tank requires us to slide the cap forward, whereas Vaporesso iTank employs pivot sliding. And the best part is actually that Vaporesso marks the place where we should start to slide. That did help us to lay our hands on it more quickly.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

iTank features airflow control at the bottom. We could achieve full extent of adjustability by rotating a ring either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Each component is well put together. While as Vaporesso has long been known for its quality manufacturing, it doesn’t count as a real surprise.


Vaporesso Target 200 places a slide-open battery door at its base. In spite of an obvious seam out there, the door still looks like blending well with other parts.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

Vaporesso Target 200 runs on dual 18650 batteries. We could imagine how big rooms two 18650 could take up. The picture just got more clear-cut when we opened the battery door and looked inside. Given the small size of Target 200, we’re really amazed at how Vaporesso skillfully compress all the chipset and wires in while making sure the device functions so well.

Function – 8.5

Vaporesso Target 200 has a mass of functions to get lots of our needs in vaping covered. That ranges from the simplest variable wattage and smart modes right through to more advanced VV (variable voltage) and bypass modes. In addition, it also offers two special modes, that is pulse mode and F(t) mode which we’ll explain later. But Target 200 doesn’t have the common TC mode. If you don’t have much experience in mod vaping yet, we recommend you start from the smart mode in case of hassles like overheating.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

F(t) Mode

According to Vaporesso, F(t) mode is designed to further the flavors we could get. Under this mode, our machine would smartly change the output voltage and heating rate to make flavors kick out. However, we didn’t capture many differences in flavors between the F(t) mode and regular modes to be honest. The only one was, if there’s any, the flavor seemed to become more mellow.

vaporesso target 200 vape mod kit

Pulse Mode

Also available in Vapresso’s Gen S mod, the pulse mode comes to switch the consistent power output with a pulse every 0.2 seconds. The mode self-developed by Vaporesso aims to provide a hit for us on every puff we take. And pitifully the difference is also hard to perceive throughout our testing. It’s just that the vapor also seems to get smoother. Some said pulse mode would enable longer battery life, and we found it did great indeed. When we switched to this mode and ran at 70W, the device could last for more than 12 hours.

Ease of Use – 9

All functions of Target 200 rely on the four buttons resting on its front surface. Each of them is responsive enough, and designed with moderate pressure to press down. We like the button layout especially. The major fire button sits at the noticeable center line being much larger, whereas the remaining three adjustment buttons are quite small, closely arranged to form an inverse triangle. A big fire key truly makes button-vaping easier.

The entire operation would be even easier if there’re signals on the device to indicate what the three adjustment buttons are geared for respectively. Of course we would become increasingly familiar with them over time, but it’s not that friendly to a new user.

With up to four buttons and so many modes to get deep into, Target 200 couldn’t be a foolproof machine. But luckily the manual has done great enough to get the operations across. Here’s a lowdown of the key operations of Vaporesso Target 200:

Powering on/off: click the fire button for five times

Locking/Unlocking adjustment buttons: click the fire button for three times

Adjusting modes: hold the mode button and click “+” or “-” button to cycle through different modes

Price – 10

Vaporesso Target 200 MSRP: $79.90

To give you a better understanding about its price, we’ll offer the MSRP of its two earlier iterations, that is Target 80 and Target 100.

Vaporesso Target 80 (iTank) MSRP: $74.90

Vaporesso Target 100 (iTank) MSRP: $69.90

If we make a horizontal comparison on the prices of the three Target series products, it’s easy to conclude Target 200 is the most economic one. Target 200 is sold at the highest price here, yet there’s only a $10 spread above the cheapest Target 100. In terms of the max watt, Target 200 enables 120W more; and it also accommodates one more battery to ensure longer battery life.


Once again we’d like to say Vaporesso Target 200 is the best option to go for if you stay out always and hate big heavy machines. It’s a portable and light kit, but doesn’t sacrifice anything in versatility and battery life. And it might take you several days to drain off its 8ml vape juice. Another highlight is that Target 200 is user-friendly enough to make everything easy. But it’s not really geared towards cloud-chasers. We can look forward to getting best flavor out of it, but not biggest clouds.

Have you tried the Vaporesso Target 200 yet? If yes, please share your thoughts with us; If not, do you want to have a try now? We hope this review is helpful for you!

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