A Must Try Stunning New Vape Kit — Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod Vape Review

User Rating: 9
  • Unique Dual Cartridge and Coil System for MTL and RDL Vaping
  • Compatible with CALIBURN G SERIES Coils for Wide Flavor Options
  • Strong 1000mAh Battery for Extended Vaping Sessions
  • Quick Recharge Time with USB Type-C Port
  • Leak-Free Design
  • Durable Metallic Construction
  • Ergonomic Pen-Like Shape
  • Simple Button Controls
  • Ability to Mix and Match Flavors
  • Pod Can Be Tricky to Remove for Refills
  • Small 2ml E-Liquid Capacity Necessitates Frequent Refills
Function - 9
Quality and Design - 9
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 9
Price - 9
Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System


1. Introduction

The Uwell Caliburn Explorer pod system is hitting the shelves, bringing with it a set of specs that aim to mix things up. This pod system is built around a sturdy 1000mAh battery, promising to keep you vaping longer between charges. Its standout feature is a dual cartridge and coil system, offering flexibility in how you vape, from the intensity of the draw to the flavor profiles you can explore. Designed to be compatible with the well-regarded CALIBURN G SERIES Coils, the Explorer cartridges have a 2ml e-liquid capacity.

2. Package List

The Caliburn Explorer starter kit includes:

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod

  • 1 x CALIBURN EXPLORER Empty Cartridge
  • 1 Pre-installed Meshed 0.8-ohm CALIBURN G Coil
  • 1 Pre-installed Meshed 1.2-ohm CALIBURN G2 Coil
  • 1 Spare Meshed 0.8-ohm CALIBURN G Coil
  • 1 Spare Meshed 1.2-ohm CALIBURN G2 Coil
  • 1 Type-C USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

3. Design & Quality

The Caliburn Explorer makes a striking impression with its sleek flattened pen silhouette and metallic shine. The vape comes in four colorways: Black, Silver, Pink and Cyan, and Orange and Black. At the heart of its design is a prominent four-leaf clover-shaped button – complete with tactile ridges. The vape is encased in a robust metallic body that exudes a premium vibe, while the Caliburn logo is elegantly embossed along the front.


Practicality is woven into its aesthetic, with a transparent e-juice window and a precisely cut inset for the pod. Surrounding the central button, two battery indicators glow on inhale to provide clear and immediate feedback on power levels.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod

3.1 Pod Design

The Caliburn Explorer’s pod has a modest 2ml e-liquid capacity with a cleverly crafted dual-coil setup. Each coil is allotted a 1ml compartment. This system is designed to let the user pick two different e-juice flavors if desired.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer PodThe pod clicks securely into the Explorer mod, without the need for magnets. In fact, the pod is so secure, that it can be finicky when trying to pop it out of the device. This may become a bit tiresome with such a small e-juice capacity, which requires frequent refills.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer PodThe Caliburn Explorer pod has two silicone stoppers – located on either side of the pod – to refill each compartment separately. The pod itself is constructed from clear plastic for easy viewing through the e-juice window, tipped with an opaque black tapered mouthpiece.

3.2 Does the Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System leak?

Concerns about leakage, especially with the Caliburn Explorer’s design incorporating multiple openings (including two coil slots and a pair of e-juice refill ports), might seem warranted at first glance. However, the vape maintains a steadfastly leak-free performance. No messes for you to worry about.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod

3.3 Durability

The Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System boasts a solid metal exterior that promises longevity and resilience for all your vaping adventures. The shiny metallic body not only gives it a premium feel but also guarantees that the Explorer can take a few knocks and daily wear – without taking damage.

There are no exterior parts that can break off, and the pod itself sits deeply within the mod, reducing the risk of it coming loose if dropped or detaching during transport.

3.4 Ergonomics

The Caliburn Explorer’s design thoughtfully marries form with function, featuring a familiar pen-like shape that feels right at home in the hand. The tactile raised button is intuitively designed to be easily found and operated by touch alone. Topping off the ergonomic design is the wide, tapered mouthpiece, designed to fit comfortably between the lips for an enjoyable vaping experience.

4. Battery and Charging

The core of the Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System is its 1000mAh battery, designed to support between 9 to 11 hours of continuous vaping, ensuring that even the most avid vapers can rely on it throughout a busy day. Recharging is efficient, with the device returning to full power in just about 30 to 40 minutes. The  USB Type-C charging port can be found on the bottom of the vape.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer PodThis model takes the guesswork out of monitoring your battery life with its intuitive LED indicators located on either side of the activation/power button. These indicators shine green when the battery is above 60%, blue for a charge level between 30% and 60%, and red signals when the power dips below 30%, providing a clear, visual cue of when it’s time to recharge. When the device is fully charged, the LEDs will remain a steady green to confirm that you’re ready to go.

5. Ease of Use

Mastering the Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design. The lack of an airflow slider is compensated by the innovative cartridge design, allowing users to switch between MTL and RDL draws by flipping the cartridge. This is because one side has a larger airflow hole, than the other.


To turn on the Caliburn Explorer, press the button 5 times. Once the device is one, you can control the coils individually:


  • Press the left button, and the left coil will activate on inhale.
  • Press the right button, and the right coil will activate on inhale.
  • Press the up button, and the two coils will work together on inhale.
  • Press the down button, and the two coils will alternate with each puff.


This design allows for a great deal of flavor flexibility. The two coil compartments can be filled with different e-juice flavors, which can then be combined to output at once or alternated as desired.

6. Performance

Diving into what the Caliburn Explorer 32W pod system has to offer, it’s clear this device is a cut above when it comes to performance. It cleverly handles the vape enthusiast’s dilemma between preferring a tight, mouth-to-lung (MTL) hit and enjoying a looser, restricted direct-lung (RDL) draw by simply letting you flip the pod.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System

Then there’s the choice between two coils – the 0.8-ohm for a warmer, richer vapor and the 1.2-ohm for something a bit cooler and milder. It’s like having two devices in one, each catering to different moods and moments. These coils can easily be used together or separately, by toggling the correct part of the four-leaf clover button.


The dual-coil system opens up a playground for flavor experimentation. Imagine having a fruity mix on one side and a creamy blend on the other, and the Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System handles this with ease, allowing for a seamless switch or mix between flavors. The autodraw is impressively responsive, kicking in without a hitch and delivering consistent, satisfying clouds along with spot-on flavor that doesn’t fade. It’s these thoughtful touches that make the Explorer an exciting new experience in vaping.

7. Price

The Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System hits the market with a price tag ranging from $25 to $35, a variation that largely depends on where you shop and the timing of your purchase, especially if you catch a sale. For a quick snapshot of what you might expect to pay, here are some current offerings:



This is a pretty big pricing range, but if you can snag the Caliburn Explorer for under $30 – it’s a steal. Considering the device’s innovative features, such as the dual-coil system, flexibility between MTL and RDL vaping, and compatibility with Caliburn G series coils, its value far exceeds its price.


For those looking to stock up on Caliburn G and Caliburn G2 coils beyond the four included in the starter kit, a 4-pack can be acquired for approximately $10. Should you wish to add an extra pod or two to your collection, each can be purchased for a reasonable $5.

8. Verdict

This little Explorer device packs a punch with its dual coil system, giving you the freedom to switch up your vaping style from MTL to RDL on the fly. It’s like having two vapes in one, without the hassle of carrying extra gear. The compatibility with the CALIBURN G SERIES Coils is a nice touch, opening up a variety of flavor and vapor options to suit whatever mood you’re in. And with its hefty 1000mAh battery, you’re looking at long stretches of vaping without constantly worrying about your next charge.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System

However, there are a few drawbacks worth noting. The pod’s snug fit, while great for preventing leaks, can be a bit of a struggle when it’s time for a refill. And considering you’ve only got 2ml of e-liquid capacity, you’ll be refilling quite a bit. Also, the price can swing quite a bit depending on where you shop, so it pays to look around.


Wrapping it up, the Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod System is a solid choice. Yes, it has a couple of quirks, like the tight pod and the refill dance, but what vape doesn’t? The sheer flexibility it offers, combined with its build quality and the flavor consistency, makes these minor gripes fade into the background. The bang for your buck here is hard to beat, especially when you consider you can play around with flavors by mixing and matching in the dual compartments. For anyone looking to get a reliable, versatile vape without emptying their wallet, the Caliburn Explorer is a no-brainer.



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