WHO Urged to Embrace Nicotine Alternatives



“Replace cigarettes with nicotine alternatives to save 100 million lives that would otherwise be lost to smoking.” Derek Yach, a global health consultant and former leader of the World Health Organization’s Tobacco Free Initiative called on the organization.


Yach suggests a three-point plan to reduce premature deaths caused by tobacco use between 2025 and 2060. This plan includes incorporating tobacco harm reduction into the FCTC, ensuring balanced regulation that does not hinder access to safer products, and making policies based on scientific evidence.

Embrace Nicotine Alternatives Holds Promise for a Smoke-Free Future

Yach also disputes the notion that tobacco companies are solely profit-driven in their development of safer alternatives, pointing out that many companies are actively shifting away from combustible cigarettes. He calls for unity in the commitment to a smoke-free future where harm reduction is prioritized.

In conclusion, Yach urges the WHO to adapt quickly to the changing landscape of tobacco use and to prioritize innovative strategies in order to protect public health.

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