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Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit Review: Breaking with Tradition

  • Formidable battery at 3000mAh
  • Impressive fast charging
  • Innovative toggle switch for powering on/off
  • Ergonomic and chic design
  • Compatible with all Voopoo's TPP coils
  • Drag and button activation
  • Limited output modes
  • liquid leakage
  • A little bit high price
Function - 8
Quality and Design - 9
Ease of Use - 7.5
Performance - 8
Price - 7

It’s glad to know that Voopoo has once again expanded the ranks of its signature Drag series. From the classic Drag 3 to epoch-making Drag X Plus we reviewed, Voopoo Drag series has kept springing surprises on us. Today’s newcomer is Voopoo Drag S Pro, an 80W pod mod running on a formidable internal battery up to 3000mAh. It’s put up for sale with two editions. The only difference between them is in the pod capacity—one holds 5.5ml e-liquid, while the other 2ml only in compliance with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

In addition to the big step in battery capacity, Voopoo Drag S Pro brings about a revolution in its output voltage. The maximum voltage of a pod mod stands at 4V on average. A good example is the 4.2V of highly-praised FreemMaX Marvos, or the 4V of SMOK IPX 80. However, Drag S Pro raises the figure to 8.5V that nobody can rival.

With these amazing updates, could Drag S Pro come off well as we expect? Our weeks-long review will answer the question for you. Read on and find out all pros and cons of the Voopoo Drag S Pro!

voopoo drag s provoopoo drag s provoopoo drag s pro

In this review, we highlight aspects we like in green, and those we don’t in red.


Innovative toggle switch

Maximum output voltage up to 8.5V

3000 mAh built-in battery


Author: Sharon


Size: 124.5*28.8*34.5mm

Battery: 3000mAh (built-in)

Maximum output voltage: 8.5V

output power: 5-80W

Charging voltage: 5V/2.5A

Resistance range: 0.1-3ohm

Pod capacity: 5.5ml (standard edition) / 2ml (TPD edition)


Author: Sharon

Package Content (Standard Edition)

1*Drag S Pro device

1*TPP X Pod (5.5ml)

1*TPP-DM1 0.15ohm coil

1*TPP-DM4 0.3ohm coil

1*Type-C cable

1*User manual


Author: Sharon

Performance – 8

Throughout the test we put the Drag S Pro at the smart mode, which could set the output wattage automatically based on the coil resistance it identifies. When we used the 0.3ohm coil, the recommended wattage was 35W. We let the device stay powering between 32W and 38W.

The cloud created within this wattage range is huge, dense and flavorsome. We refilled Voopoo Drag S Pro twice in the test. There was hardly any flavor loss or burnt taste—it did well till the last drop.

Most of the times we love the vapor quite a lot. However, we felt below par after filling it with the strawberry flavor juice from Nasty, a luscious liquid that should have tasted like flavorful ripe fruits. The vapor turned out sort of bitter in our mouth. We have no idea whether it’s because the liquid is too syrupy. Or else, perhaps the coil is just out of tune with sweet liquids.

We also tried out the 0.15ohm coil under the smart mode. We put the Drag S Pro at 50W, and kept the airflow inlet wide open to allow adequate air in. In general, there’s not much of a difference in vaping performance between the two set-ups. It’s worth noting that the Drag S Pro is compatible with all Voopoo’s TPP coils. Although the kit includes only two coils (0.15 and 0.3ohm) in, we can buy others in higher resistances to try more vaping styles.

Function – 8

Like previous Drag series products, Voopoo Drag S Pro provides two ways to activate firing: press a button or take a drag on the mouthpiece directly. Drag activation makes vaping much easier, and more similar to how smokers puff on cigarettes. It should be counted as a big pro.


Drag S Pro can function on three modes: smart, RBA and temperature control. We can make a switch among them by pressing the “+” and “-”  together.

Smart mode is well loved for a good reason—it’s a liberation for vapers through and through. Under the smart mode, Drag S Pro’s internal chip will exercise its power over the gear, and set it at the optimal wattage. That’s of course perfectly designed for newbies. They don’t have to be on tenterhooks once thinking of the possible overheat or dry hit. But make no mistake, we experienced ones love it as well! It saves us many time in fine-tuning the device to enjoy best vapor amount and density.

Its RBA mode, to simply put, is a free mode. We can adjust the watt between 5 and 80W to our liking—nothing to complain. The only trouble is its temperature control. Voopoo official said we have to download something in its website to access this function.

Screen Display

Voopoo Drag S Pro is equipped with a color OLED screen. Its refresh rate is great, and so is the brightness and contrast ratio. We can find comprehensive vaping data on the screen, including the battery indicator, wattage, voltage, puff duration and a puff counter. It’s a good window to learn about our vaping habits. We can also clear all data by pressing the fire button and “-” button at the same time.

voopoo drag s pro

Overall Quality and Design – 9


Drag S Pro retains the classy design of early line-ups from the Drag series, mainly constructed of well-smithed stainless steel in the mod and PCTG in the cartridge. Its front face, as usual, uses a grain leather patch, with the product name finely engraved on it. The leather not only looks chic and upmarket, but feels really nice in hand.

The mod part only leaves a small flat surface to put the screen, buttons and charging port on. The remaining surface is all curved, making Drag S Pro especially fit into our palms.

Voopoo Drag S Pro has seven colors on offer: red, black, gray, orange, garda blue, sapphire blue and brown. What’s your favorite one?

voopoo drag s pro


Drag S Pro’s airflow is adjustable by turning the ring at the top of the mod. It’s interesting that the ring could do a 360-degree rotation. Many pod mods also come with an airflow ring, but the ring just stops proceeding after you rotate it about 45 degrees. Certainly, that has nothing to do with how much airflow we can control. They’re the same instead. However, the airflow design of Drag S Pro just made me feel as if I have more choices.

The airflow ring is not flawless though. Its surface is a little slippery, and meanwhile the ring is sort of tight. We’ve got to take some efforts to turn the ring around.

voopoo drag s pro


Voopoo Drag S Pro utilizes the trendy magnetic connection between the pod and mod. The suction is perfect. It’s okay no matter hard you shake the device—we’ve tried that—the pod would not fall off.

The highlight in the pod, in my view, is its fill port. Yes, you must have inferred from my words that Drag S Pro has a top filling system, but that’s not the highlight. Drag S Pro hides its fill port in a fairly smart way. The port is right at the outside of the pod, but keeps itself invisible. We have to press a button-like thing and then turn a ring to the left to unveil the fill port. It’s a novel design, isn’t it?

voopoo drag s pro tankvoopoo drag s pro

What disappointed us is the liquid in the pod leaks a bit. After testing Drag S Pro’s performance and functions, we left it idle for about a week. There are some leakage at the bottom of the pod. We look forward to better cartridge sealing of the next Drag series product.

voopoo drag s pro tank


Considering its max watt and pod capacity, Drag S Pro’s 3000 mAh battery is a beast compared with its counterparts. Its charging rate is also better than ever at as high as 5V/2.5A. We tested on how long it took to charge the device from 40% to 100%. It’s less than 20 minutes. The pod mod is absolutely your No.1 option if you have to stay outdoors all day long.

Ease of Use – 7.5


Voopoo Drag S Pro adds a special toggle switch to the regular plus, minus and fire buttons. In my opinion, that’s a spot-on update. We can use the toggle to either power on/off the device, or lock/unlock it. It’s up to our preference.

If we choose the former, we can switch on and off the pod mod merely by moving the toggle. That’s a lot easier than the traditional way of pressing the fire button for five consecutive times. To set the device lock, press the fire button three times.

Of course, we can also stick to the “five-pressing” tradition to power on our device. In this case, the toggle would play the role of locking and unlocking. That’s where we fancy the toggle most, as you’re free to make your choices.


The operations of Drag S Pro might be a bit more difficult than others, as there’s a new toggle switch added in. But it doesn’t require much time to master them. The manual offers a very clear guide to the functions of each button.

In addition, the location of its Type-C charging port is smart. It stands below the buttons at the rear side of the device. They’re all compactly arranged in a narrow flat surface. As the charging port is not at the bottom, we can charge Drag S Pro even when it stands upright.

Price – 7

$46.99 at (US) with an original price of $ $56.9

We’ve checked the prices of some other Drag series products on

  • Voopoo Drag X Pod Mod Kit (5-80W): $33.99
  • Voopoo Drag Max Pod Mod Kit (5-177W): $43.99

Compared with the two above, the price of Drag S Pro is not in a favorable position, partly because it’s launched very recently. If you care a lot about max watt, the other two evidently win the game. One’s wattage range is exactly same as Drag S Pro, and the other features even wider range. And most importantly, both come at a lower price. It’s also slightly more expensive than most of pod mod kits available for sale. Weigh up the pros and cons if you do have interest in the new launch.

Overall Thoughts

Voopoo Drag S Pro can satisfy almost all you need from a pod mod kit. Its output range is wide enough from 5W to 80W. Its max output voltage can keep the gear pumping out stable and flavorful vapors at the highest wattage. The battery capacity and fast charging is so formidable that almost nobody can rival. We also love all the novel and innovative tweaks Voopoo has made in the product. However, some disadvantages are clear-cut, such as the liquid leakage and limited choices in output modes.

Have you tried the Voopoo Drag S Pro yet? If yes, please share your thoughts with us. If not, do you want to have a try now? We hope this review is helpful for you.

Author: Sharon

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