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ZOVOO’s New Additions to the DRAG BAR Line + Introducing the Vincibar Series

  • Impressive amount of vapor
  • Powerful battery
  • No leaking
  • Drag Bar devices have adjustable airflow
  • Sleek and ergonomic body
  • DRAG BAR flavor profile is a bit confusing
  • The big airflow hole on the base might allow debris in
Flavor - 7
Design & Quality - 8.5
Battery - 9
Vapor Production - 9

Today we’re looking at three new to-the-market disposable vapes by ZOVOO, a sister company of VOOPOO. ZOVOO exclusively manufactures disposable vapes, so the bar is set high. The DRAG BAR is their primary line of disposables and ZOVOO recently added two new models to this series, the DRAG BAR R6000 and the DRAG BAR F8000.

ZOVOO also just launched the VINCIBAR series and has released the first model, VINCIBAR F2500. In this review, we’ll compare the three latest disposables by ZOVOO side by side to find out the best! Let’s start by looking at the specs for each vape before we get into the specifics.

Comparison By Specs

Zovoo drag bar

Zovoo Drag Bar R6000

The DRAG BAR R6000 is being marketed as a restricted direct-to-lung device with airflow control that can last up to 6,000 puffs at a steady 18W output. With 18ML of 3mg/ML e-juice, the DRAGBAR R6000 is one big hefty vape. Large disposables need to recharge to get through all that juice, and the DRAGBAR R6000 is no exception, coming with a Type-C charging port to charge the 1000mAh battery.

Zovoo Drag Bar F8000

The DRAG BAR F8000 can outlast nearly every other disposable on the market, with 8000 puffs. This model has a much higher nicotine content when compared to the R6000, at 16mL of 50mg/ML juice. The form factor between the DRAG BAR F8000 and R6000 is nearly identical, with the same 1000mAh battery, airflow slider, and Type-C port. The F8000 has been specially designed to prevent leaking by keeping the oil pressure balanced within the tank.

Zovoo Vincibar F2500

The VINCIBAR is a no-fuss disposable with a sleek body design. It comes with 6.5ML of 50 mg/ML e-juice supported by a 1000mAh battery to get you through 2500 puffs. There’s no airflow slider or recharging, making this device as simple as possible. Just puff and enjoy the delicious flavors.


During the review period, we had a chance to review one flavor of each.

Zovoo Drag Bar R6000

Zovoo drag bar R6000

The DRAG BAR R6000 currently comes in 10 flavors (ZOVOO’s website says 15 but only has 10 listed) with more on the way. You can select from:

Rainbow Bear, Blue Raspberry Lemon, Pineapple Grapefruit, Green Voodoo (Little Green Man), Grape Blackberry, Watermelon Ice, Pineapple Coconut Rum, Vanilla Cream Tobacco, Passion Fruit Guava, and Green Apple Ice.

There is some confusion around the Green Voodoo flavor. It seems that this was the original flavor name for Little Green Man, which is the flavor we received. The Green Voodoo promotional materials are still online, with no mention of the Little Green Man flavor, so we’re pretty sure they are the same flavor, with a last-minute name change. Little Green Man is a weird flavor name, to match the weird e-juice flavor.

It’s definitely unusual but tastes fresh and sweet. I think the flavor contains lychee and pear, and maybe some berry notes. It’s really hard to tell what’s been thrown in the mix. While the flavor is unusual, it’s actually quite delicious and I’d give it a 3/5 for being unique and yummy.

Zovoo Drag Bar F8000

Zovoo drag bar F8000

The DRAG BAR F8000 currently comes in 11 flavors. ZOVOO plans to expand the flavor selection in the future. Pick from:

Rainbow Bear, Blue Raspberry Lemon, Peach Snow-Pear, Pineapple Grapefruit, Green Voodoo, Grape Blackberry, Watermelon Ice, Pineapple Coconut Rum, Vanilla Cream Tobacco, Passion Fruit Guava, and Green Apple Ice

We received the Pineapple Grapefruit flavor to review. Personally, I didn’t like this flavor, it tastes a little artificial to me and I’ve never been a fan of Grapefruit flavored e-juice. But I will say that the flavor delivery is excellent.

You get very little in the way of flavor on the inhale, but on the exhale the flavor explodes. This flavor would be great if you don’t like overly sweet flavors because it’s definitely tropical without coating your tongue in sugar. I’d rank the Pineapple Grapefruit flavor as 2/5.

Zovoo Vincibar F2500

Zovoo Vincibar F2500

The VINCIBAR F2500 comes in 15 juicy flavors like:

Strawberry Orange Mango, Cool Mint, Rainbow Bear, Blue Raspberry Lemon, Peach Snow-Pear, Pineapple Grapefruit, Little Green Man, Grape Blackberry, Watermelon Ice, Pineapple Coconut Rum, Vanilla Cream Tobacco, Passion Fruit Guava, Green Apple Ice, Watermelon Cherry, and Grape Ice

Many of these flavors are repeated across ZOVOO’s disposable lines. We received Grape Ice to review and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Grape Ice flavor is a traditional bold grape flavor, reminiscent of Welch’s grape juice with an icy bite. This was my favorite flavor out of the ZOVOO devices, it was punchy and delicious. I’d recommend this to any vaper that enjoys grape-flavored e-juice and score it as a 4/5.

Design & Quality


ZOVOO Drag Bar R6000

The packaging for the ZOVOO DRAG BAR and VINCIBAR devices is pretty standard for a disposable. Each device is wrapped in plastic with a silicone stopper to isolate the condensate and ensure the e-liquid doesn’t volatilize before it gets to you. A sticker covers the airflow holes on the bottom of the VINCIBAR and DRAG BAR devices, which must be removed before vaping.


Zovoo drag bar R6000
Zovoo drag bar F8000

All three ZOVOO disposables appear to be manufactured using injection molding, delivering a single structure device. The devices are minimal but sharp and sleek.

The front of the DRAG BAR devices displays the series name and manufacturer, plus the vape flavor. This side is flat and prevents the device from rolling off a tablet. The back has DRAG etched into the device, while the sides mimic the earlier DRAG BAR models with a leather texture body. The DRAG BAR mouthpieces are cylindrical and tall enough for you to easily and comfortably create a good seal around when vaping.

Zovoo Vincibar F2500

The VINCIBAR design is minimalist with a square body and kevlar texture on each side. The F2500 has a large duckbill mouthpiece that we honestly prefer over the cylindrical mouthpiece on the DRAG BAR. The front of the device has VINCIBAR embossed along the body with the vape flavor at the top.

Airflow Control

The DRAG BAR and VINCIBAR come in a single color that mimics the vape flavor. The DRAG BAR R6000 and F8000 have the same sliding airflow control, allowing for continuous adjustment to your exact preference. Our only concern is when the airflow slider is fully open, it presents quite a big hole into the device. This may allow debris to enter the bottom part when kept in your pockets or purse.

Zovoo Vincibar F2500

The VINCIBAR F2500 has two airflow holes on the bottom of the device but offers no airflow control.


The single molded body means these three ZOVOO devices offer great durability. They were drop tested from multiple heights, up to 5 feet, and didn’t suffer any external damage. If you’re constantly dropping your vape, these devices might be a great choice.

Do They Leak?

The interior of the new DRAG BAR devices has been designed to balance the pressure inside the e-liquid tank. This keeps the liquid from overbrimming and leaking out of the mouthpiece. No leaking was experienced during the review period.

We could not find any confirmation that the VINCIBAR uses this same pressure balancing technology, but there was no leaking with the F2500.


The DRAG BAR F8000 and DRAG BAR R6000 have the exact same form factor, a cylindrical body with a flat side for the branding. We really enjoy the feel of these devices in my hand. The R6000 is pretty big disposable and might be unwieldy if you have smaller hands, but the F8000 is a perfect size and very comfortable when vaping.

THE VINCIBAR F2500 is about half the volume of the F8000 but offers the same great ergonomics even with a square body. All the surfaces are nicely rounded so there’s nothing digging into your hand no matter how you hold the disposable.

Battery and Charging

The VINCIBAR F2500 and DRAG BAR R6000 come with a 1000mAh battery which is very powerful for a disposable. For the VINCIBAR F2500, the battery is not rechargeable though. The even bigger DRAG BAR F8000 contains a smaller battery, at 630mAh.

With a 1000mAh battery, you can expect 10-12 hours of continual vaping before needing to recharge the DRAG BAR R6000. There is no way to directly monitor the charge level, but these devices are intended to be very simple. When you inhale, an LED on the bottom of the disposables will glow blue, turning red when the device is out of battery.

When the DRAG BAR R6000 or DRAG BAR F8000 are tapped out and need to be charged, just plug in a Type-C charging cable. You’ll be back to a full charge in 45 minutes maximum. Because these are disposable devices, they don’t come with any charging cable, so make sure you have a Type-C cable before you pick one of these devices up.


Zovoo Drag Bar R6000

Zovoo drag bar R6000

According to ZOVOO’s latest promotional materials, the new DRAG BAR R6000 is the world’s first disposable pod mod. The device has been designed for restricted direct lung, the first of its kind in a disposable format. When vaping the R6000, you get the best of both worlds. The RDL experience is fantastic, falling between MTL and DL.

We enjoyed the airy inhale and being able to inhale direct to lung without as much airflow. The flavor experience was deep and intense, with a throat hit similar to an MTL device. Use the continuous airflow control to adjust the hit to your preference and the sensitive auto draw will pick up even the slowest smoothest hits.

The DRAG BAR R6000 is an amazing option for cloud chasers that prefer slightly tighter airflow. The R6000 uses a 0.6-ohm mesh coil sustained at 18 watts to deliver delicious flavor and large clouds. The clouds are voluminous and very impressive for a disposable device.

ZOVOO claims the DRAG BAR R6000 outperforms all other disposables in peak cloud volume, and can even beat open system pod mods. While I agree that the cloud volume is impressive for a disposable, we don’t think it rivals pod mods. The 18 mL tank will keep you going for up to a few weeks depending on how often you vape.

Zovoo Drag Bar F8000

Zovoo drag bar F8000

ZOVOO DRAG BAR F8000 offers a very similar vaping experience, with voluminous clouds and intense flavor delivered by the 1.1-ohm mesh coil. The DRAG BAR F8000 stays at a 9W during inhale. The DRAG BAR F8000 delivers warm throat hits and an RDL experience with the same sensitive auto draw.

Zovoo Vincibar F2500

Last but not least, the VINCIBAR F2500. You can feel the power of that 1000 mAh battery when vaping this device. The 1.2-ohm mesh coil delivers top-tier juicy flavors and nice clouds for a smaller disposable. You’ll enjoy every single one of the 2500 hits on the VINCIBAR with the smooth experience that I would categorize as MTL.


Because all three devices are brand new releases from ZOVOO, we’re unable to find any pricing information. ZOVOO’s website has stunning promotional pages for their new disposables, but it doesn’t seem they can be purchased yet from their website.



ZOVOO’s bringing their A-game with their new disposable releases. The DRAG BAR F8000 is a monster disposable with 18mL of e-juice. It can last up to 8000 puffs to keep you vaping longer while delivering intense flavor and great hits.

The DRAG BAR R6000 is like the F8000’s little sister. It’s smaller, carrying 16 mL instead of 18 mL, but more powerful. A first-of-its-kind RDL disposable, with a 1000 mAh battery, so you can enjoy voluminous clouds and juicy flavor for 12-14 hours at a time. The DRAG BAR series airflow control lets you choose how you want to vape.

The VINCIBAR F2500 is ZOVOO’s newest series of vapes, with an ergonomic design and comfortable duckbill mouthpiece. The F2500 is a non-rechargeable device, lasting up to 2500 puffs using its 1000 mAh battery. The flavor is incredible and the vaping experience of the VINCIBAR was our favorite of the three.

ZOVOO’s really doing something special with the design of these disposables, the single-piece body is comfortable in your hand and looks great. While we’re a little ambivalent about the flavor profiles of the DRAGBARs, this is a personal preference. The flavor delivery was excellent and you’re sure to find a flavor that’s super vapeable to you. Stay tuned for more information about how to get your hands on the new ZOVOO DRAG BAR R6000, DRAG BAR F8000, and VINCIBAR F2500.

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