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IORE Crayon
IORE Crayon

Complete as many tasks as possible to have the best chance of winning this vape giveaway.

5 winners * 1 pcs of Eleaf IORE Crayon Pod Kit (MSRP: $13.99/pc)

Please make sure you fill in your name and Email.

5 winners * 1 pcs of Eleaf IORE Crayon Pod Kit (MSRP: $13.99/pc)

* Flavors are randomly picked, but we’ll try our best to make sure winners don’t receive repeated flavors.


Start Date: Feb 08, 2023

End Date: Mar 08, 2023


Country/Region: The giveaway is USA only.

Age Limit: Anyone who enters our giveaway contest must reach the legal vaping age regulated by his or her country/region as of the date of entry.


We’ll announce the final winner list on Mar 15, 2023, and reach out to each winner via Newsletter/social media messaging, depending on the contact detail you offer. Please reply within 7 days to claim the prize. Also follow our Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to our Newsletter, to know about the latest giveaways going on.

The prizes will be sent to you by Myvapor Official.

Notes: We’ll post pictures of real prize winning to show the legitimacy of our giveaways after every event ends. Send some pictures back to our e-mail if you receive prizes, we’re glad to see them!

DISCLAIMER: The Giveaway activity from myvapor- WideWick 12W Giveaway is sponsored by Myvapor Official. All activities connected with prize shipping is solely undertaken by Myvapor, and My Vape Review has no responsibility or liability with respect to product quality, shipment and delivery delays, etc.

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