Vaping Guide

It is always confusing for a new comer in a new field, not to mention there are so many different types of products you can find in vape industry. You are new to vaping and you want to learn more about vaping. Therefore, we prepared some guides for you. For example, the benefits of vaping and the potential side effects of vaping.If you are an intermediate vaper and ready to DIY your device, you will learn how to build a sub-ohm coil, the differences between RDA, RTA, and RDTA and more.

how long does nicotine stay in your system

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System: Everything You Should Know

Every moment you take drags from a burning cigarette or consume tobacco, you absorb nicotine into your bloodstream. Nevertheless, do you know typically how long does nicotine stay in your system? Peop...

vape influencers

We’re Looking for Influencers & Content Creators

Influencer marketing is the new wave on a global scale, and across all industries. A large majority of vape brands are on the lookout for great content creators, to reach more potential customers and ...

THC vape juice

THC Vape Juice Explained

Do you prefer to vape your cannabis than smoke it? You’ll need just two items: a bit of THC vape juice and a vape pen used for atomizing it. This article will guide you through all you should know con...

CBD gummy dosage

CBD Gummy Dosage: What Amount of CBD Gummies is Right for Me?

CBD gummies exist in various flavors, formulations, and CBD concentrations. Each person has a particular CBD gummy dosage that serves them best. To learn about a dosage that achieves the best results ...

Delta 10 vs Delta 8

Delta 10 vs Delta 8: Facts You Didn’t Know About Alternatives to THC

There has been a rise in the focus on alternatives to THC. Google searches on “Delta-8” alone rose by more than 700 percent in 2021 from 2020 globally. That also grabs people’s attention o...

Elux Slush Puff Disposable

Which Flavours by ELUX Hit the Right Chord with You?

Elux, one of the fastest-growing brand on the disposable vape market, has always kept humble. What sets it apart from the rest is the level of care they put into their product development and design. ...

Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen

How Does the Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen Work?

The Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen is quite unique, it’s not your usual vape pen design. This device can be used in a variety of ways, from using the cigarette shape to using it as a water pipe. Th...

Vaping: Device Maintenance Tips

A Guide to Vaping: Device Maintenance Tips

With the rapid growth of vapes, comes the need to know how to maintain them. We’ve all seen those “amazingly clean” vaporizers on the Facebook page or Instagram account of a friend and wondered, “how ...

shortfill e-liquid

A Complete Guide to Shortfill E-Liquid

Without a doubt, shortfill e-liquid is easily one of the most important developments in the history of the UK vaping industry because it fixes a major problem and makes vaping dramatically more conven...

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