Isle of Man to ban sale of vapes to those aged under 18

ban sale of vapes

In a raft of measures being considered to protect the youth from the harmful impact of vaping, the Isla of Man is preparing a legal framework that will define the legal age to vape.  Already the country has proposed draft laws that want to propose a ban sale of vapes for people under 18 years.  The cabinet office said last week that the current legal framework allows the sale of vaping products and e-cigarettes to people under 18 years of age. This is harmful to their health as studies have shown that e-cigarettes have the same harmful effects as smoking traditional cigarettes.

The government is therefore working on a raft of laws to ban the sale of vaping products and e-cigarettes to the youth within the territory.  Kate Lord Brennan has promised that a bill will be ready by early next year to restrict the sale and use of e-cigarettes in schools. According to her, the Isle of Man has lagged behind its neighbours in restricting the sale of vaping products to school-going kids. She was quick to point out the UK which banned the sale of vaping products to school-aged kids way back in 2016.

It is expected that the legislation being prepared will address many areas within the e-cigarette sphere. With reference to the UK, the cabinet officer has said that the laws will restrict the sale of the products by age. In Addition, the laws will limit the marketing of e-cigarettes to older individuals. This is important to protect the younger generations who are easily lured into using these harmful products by flashy advertisements and marketing stunts.

Increased Vaping among the youth On the Island

According to Kate Lord Brennan, government surveys show a significant increase in the use of disposable vaping products in schools across the island.  This is a risky trend as it affects a large number of the youth who may suffer many health problems as we head into the future.  She, therefore, says that the government wants to do the right thing and restrict the sale of these harmful products to protect the youth.

According to the cabinet office spokeswoman, other than the legislation being planned, the cabinet office is also working on public health campaigns targeting schools. These campaigns will seek to teach the youth about the health risks associated with vaping. It is believed that laws alone will not win the war against vaping. The youth should also know the harmful effects of vaping. This will help them make the right choices for their own lives.

According to Ms Lord-Brennan, the Isle of Man is not where it should be in terms of protecting its youth. It is therefore responsible to set up policy guidelines on the sale of vaping products as studies have shown that they contain harmful chemicals that impact the health of users.  Already concerns about the sale of these products in schools have been brought to the House of Keys. The Minister of Education Julie Edge said that the government is working together with all the stakeholders to ensure that there is legislation in place to bridge the gap as soon as possible.

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