Griner’s Vape Cartridge May Have Violated Russian Law

Vape Cartridge

According to the defense attorney, authorities infringed the rights of the WNBA champion multiple times

The search conducted through Brittney Griner’s vape cartridges violated Russian law. That is according to her defense lawyer’s court submissions on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

In addition, some defects were detected in the gadgets used to test illegal contraband.

According to CNN forensic chemist Dmitry Gladyshev, “the examination is not compliant with the law in terms of the study completeness and violates the Code of Criminal Procedure norms.”

Griner might be subjected to a 10-year sentence following allegations of going against Russian law after a drug-sniffing dog reportedly nosed out hashish oil substances in the containers loaded in her bag. Even though she pleaded guilty, the U.S. State Department still claims that her detention since February did not adhere to the law.

Some published reports stated that the Biden administration is ready to release Griner upon the surrender of the incarcerated Russian arms dealer, alias “merchant of death.”

In the court’s corridors, one of the attorneys representing Griner informed CNN that his client was very anxious about the fast-approaching judgment.

“She still knows that the end is near, and of course, she heard the news so she’s hoping that sometimes she could be coming home, and we hope, too,” Griner’s defense attorney, Maria Blagovolina stated while speaking to CNN.

Final arguments were slated for Thursday 4, August, while the court is expected to pronounce its judgment on Friday.

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