Illegal Drugs at Vape Shop Was Seizedin Apex North Carolina

illegal drugs at vape shop

On 4th November 2022, local Apex N.C. detectives seized a large stash of illegal drugs at vape shop such as THC Vape Cartridges and marijuana inside cereal boxes and bags of candy and arrested three people among them the shop owner. This is the first concrete evidence the police have uncovered in the town on how criminals get drugs in the hands of the younger town folks.

According to a police captain with the local Apex police, the department has been investigating the sale of illegal drugs in the town for some time. Following leads, the department obtained a search warrant to search the Apex Tobacco and Vape Store. When the search warrant was served the detective seized a large consignment of THC vape cartridges, marijuana and 12,000 in cash.

In addition, the detectives also seized  116 bars of chocolate that contained schedule 1 substance, several bags of candy and cereal boxes all believed to contain illegal drugs.  A photo of the scene shows a table full of drugs  THC cartridges and cereal boxes and candy bags.

Further investigation is conducted in several other locations to determine the extent of the crime. Police believe that criminal-minded individuals are using harmless products such as candy bags to transport and sell illicit drugs. They also believe that some vape shops are selling illegal drugs through licensed vaping cartridges.

Now the police are warning parents and locals to be careful of cereal products they buy from local stores as they could contain illegal drugs.  Police are also calling on parents to report any suspected case of illegal drugs being packaged in candy and cereal wrappers.  They say that fighting illegal drugs in Apex is a collaborative effort and law-abiding citizens should take the responsibility of helping the police department win the war.

Many in the law enforcement community are now concerned about how illegal drugs are being packaged.  Parents too are getting concerned with the latest revelations. According to  MeganEscoto, a local parent,  packaging illegal drugs in candy and cereal wrappers is endangering kids.  According to her children don’t know the difference between drug-laced products and those that are pure. This makes it easy for kids to get hooked on drugs without knowing about them.

While many parents are rightly concerned about the latest stash of seized drugs police say that it’s not yet clear if the recovered consignment was sold to children. Some believe that criminal only uses the packaging for transporting but do not sell to kids. This is particularly because the illegal drugs were found in tobacco and vape stores, not local grocery stores.

However, many are still concerned because the packaging is done in such a way that the drugs easily blend in with other household products.  Furthermore, many say police are yet to provide a full report on the incident to show the extent of the rot.

Police say more investigations are going on regarding illegal drugs and more search warrants will be served soon. Police have also promised more arrests shortly.

Author: ayla

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