Study Finds Vaping Negative Perceptions Could Stop Smokers Quitting

Negative Perceptions


The Negative Perceptions of vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking is dwindling due to vaping negative perceptions in news reports, according to a study by the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network. The study surveyed over 28,000 smokers between 2014 and 2023 and found that the number of smokers who believed vapes were less harmful than cigarettes decreased by 40% over the years, with an increase in those who thought they were more harmful.

Negative Perceptions

Negative perceptions of vaping spiked in 2019 during the rise of news stories linking vaping to cases of lung disease and youth vaping. By 2023, only 19% of non-vaping smokers believed vaping was less harmful than smoking. The study concluded that the majority of adults in England do not believe vapes are less harmful than cigarettes.


Negative Perceptions of Vapes Obscure Their Potential as Smoking Cessation Tools


Media coverage often focuses on the risks and negative perceptions of vaping, overshadowing its potential as a smoking cessation tool. The U.K.’s National Health Service highlights that cigarettes release harmful chemicals that are not present in vape aerosol, but this information is often overlooked in favor of sensational anti-vaping stories.

Lead author, Dr. Sarah Jackson, emphasized the importance of clearly communicating the lower risks of vaping compared to smoking to encourage smokers to switch to vapes. Senior author, Professor Jamie Brown, noted that the media often exaggerates the risks of vaping while downplaying the deaths caused by smoking.

Government actions such as the U.K.’s ban on disposable vapes and the FDA’s lack of authorization for vaping products are likely to further perpetuate misperceptions around vaping. Despite evidence showing vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, negative perceptions in the media continue to shape public opinion.

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