Significant Increase in Heated, Oral Tobacco Output Jumps in Russia

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According to CRPT, the organization behind the Honest Mark product labeling system.production of oral tobacco products and heated tobacco products surges in Russia. cigarette manufacturers in Russia produced 182 billion cigarettes in 2023. This accounted for 87.7 percent of domestic tobacco production, with a slight increase of 1 percent from the previous year.

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Oral Tobacco Products More Than Doubles

In contrast, the production of heated tobacco products saw a significant jump of 26 percent to 1 billion packs, capturing 10 percent of the Russian tobacco market in 2023. Output of oral tobacco products more than doubled to over 5.8 million, while cigarillos production increased to 61.5 million packs from 32 million in 2022.

CRPT reported that the production of cigars and smoking tobacco were the only categories that decreased in 2022-2023. Cigar production fell by 38 percent to 4.2 million packs, and smoking tobacco decreased by 8 percent to 1.3 million packs.

Domestic tobacco companies produced 96.6 percent of nicotine products in the Russian market in 2023. International nicotine companies, such as British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands, have sold their operations to domestic investors following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

The remaining multinational companies face challenges in extracting themselves from the market due to government restrictions on such transactions.

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