The DOH Is Committed to Enforcing Vape Bill to Protect the Public from the Dangers of Vapes

Vape bill
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The Philippines Department of Health (DOH) has expressed concern over the new vape bill that recently lapsed into law.  In a statement, it said: “the DOH expresses its deep concern over the Vape Bill lapsing into law.”  This was due to what the department expert termed the language in which the bill was the frame. The department officials then concluded that the passage of the bill into law will lead to increased access to vaping products and heated tobacco delivery products. This will bring with it the many negative health effects of using tobacco products, especially to the youth who easily get hooked on these novel tobacco products.

“This unfortunate development in policy will eventually lead to devastating health effects, diseases, and even death, in practice,” the DOH statement said.

With the bill lapsing, the DOH has now changed tune. The department officials have now vowed to tighten their grip on the sector by implementing and enforcing all existing tobacco prevention laws and regulations. The DOH has vowed to fight with renewed commitment to keep the youth of this country safe and away from vaping products.

Citing studies that show that heated tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery devices cause as many health problems as smoking tobacco the department wants to enforce all the existing tobacco control measures for the benefit of the country.  Studies from other countries have shown that youth are more attracted to vaping products than any other age group. This is the main reason why many DOH are worried about the new vaping law.

The department of health has therefore resorted to assure the members of the public who were also concerned with the passage of the bill that all will be well. In a statement, the department said: “The DOH will tighten its grip where the law enables it to as it implements existing tobacco prevention and control measures to protect the health of our kababayans (constituents).”

This was a reference to many tobacco prevention laws and regulations that ban the sale of tobacco products to children and teens and those that limit the use of the products. By enforcing these laws, the country will still manage to keep vaping products away from the hands of teens. With many countries reporting a high use of vaping products among the youth the department vows to do all it can to keep this from happening in the Philippines.

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