Under 18S to Be Banned From Buying Vapes in Ireland in Major Crackdown and Law Shake-up

vapes in Ireland

The new Government has planned a crackdown against the sales of e-cigarettes, commonly known as Vapes. According to this vape ban plan, no vape seller will be allowed to sell vapes to under-18s. A vape is actually an electric cigarette that heats up a liquid to create a vapor for inhaling. This working principle is the same as that of ordinary smoking cigarettes, but our youth prefer vapes more than smoking cigarettes for many reasons like different flavors and more smoke. The World Health Organization states that there are more than 16,000 vape flavors, including gummy bears and bubblegum. The legislation proposed by the Government shows different measures that can be taken for vape ban and the sale of other products used by under-18s to inhale nicotine. It is so because e-cigarettes can ultimately become the cause of smoking and even drug addiction. The Health Research Board gave strong evidence for this statement. It said that children who vape have five times more chances to start smoking. Considering all this, the Government aims to restrict the retailers who supply such types of products in the market. The program will help find the resources that sell e-cigarettes, despite the fact that they are selling them legally. They will not be allowed to advertise vapes at certain places such as near schools, teenage gathering places, or near events held for children. The vape ban on advertisements will extend to public transportation to limit children’s exposure to e-cigarettes or similar products, their purchase, and usage. The plans have been brought to the Cabinet. And if Minister Donnelly gets the approval for the legislation, the measures introduced in it will be implemented in the Oireachtas by the start of the next year. It is the latest attempt by the Government for vape ban in the country. Before this, the Minister of State Ossian Smyth announced to have a consultation for vape bane and banning disposable vape products. He was the one who branded vape products “wastefull”. According to him, vape products are making this world a worse place.

Author: ayla

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