Vapes sales have slowed, while nicotine pouch sales have soared



According to analysts at TD Cowen, sales of traditional cigarettes and vapes have declined in the past two weeks, while sales of oral nicotine pouches have experienced significant growth.

Cigarette volumes dropped by 10% in the two weeks ending on January 13, a more severe decline compared to the previous four weeks and 12 weeks.

Bonnie Herzog, managing director at Goldman Sachs, remains cautious about the U.S. tobacco/nicotine industry, as consumers are facing financial difficulties. Many consumers are now opting for more affordable alternatives, such as discounted cigarettes, modern oral tobacco, and illicit disposable vapor products.


Vapes Sales Plummet

The state and federal initiatives to ban certain flavors in tobacco products have also contributed to the changing consumer spending dynamics. Vape sales fell by 11.3% in the past two weeks and by 10.7% in the past four weeks. On the other hand, sales of smokeless tobacco, including nicotine pouches, have grown by 12.1% in the past two weeks and 13% in the past four weeks. The Zyn brand has played a significant role in driving the strong dollar sales growth in the smokeless category.

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