FEELM Won 2 Awards And Introduced 10 New Products to The “Hall of Fame”



 “Amazing, truly worthy of an industry leader!” At the 2024 THE MENA AWARDS banquet, FEELM captured 2 prestigious awards, “Best Manufacturer” and the “Hall of Fame,” with its 10 new series solutions. This marks the third consecutive year that FEELM has won industry awards, showcasing the brand’s impressive achievements as an industry leader this year.


The “Hall of Fame” is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, aiming to honor continuous, multi-year innovation in areas such as innovation, design, quality, and flavor, rather than recognizing achievements in just a single year. According to the organizers, only participants who have truly created game-changing technologies or products are eligible for this award. The final winners are expected to lead the next wave of industry development.


Since its inception, FEELM has been renowned in the industry for its “high technology, high quality, and high innovation.” Its ceramic coil series solutions have solved industry challenges such as leakage and burnt taste, offering consumers smooth taste experience, and ushering the industry into the ceramic era. This time, FEELM introduced the next generation vape pod solution, FEELM PRO, addressing environmental and usability issues, providing consumers with a more explosive flavor experience.

FEELM The solution uses FEELM’s latest ultra-thin, burst power ceramic coil, with a larger atomization area, faster heating, higher flavor reproduction, and the flavor consistency of up to 95%. It also innovatives pod structure, makes shorter the airway , smoother output, increases aerosol particle size by 35%, making aromas and sweetness more easily perceived.


Additionally, the FEELM TURBO Duo, equipped with 2 burst power ceramic coils, offers an even more astonishing flavor. Consumers, distributors, and brand owners from around the world flocked to FEELM’s booth to try this highly explosive new product. Its unique clear tank design not only enhances the flavor experience but also offers a distinctive visual enjoyment.


“Through technological innovation and upgrades, bringing better solutions to global customers and consumers is our constant goal,” said Rex Zhang, Assistant President and Head of Product and Market Department at FEELM. “At the world vape show Dubai, we showcased 10 solutions that meet the needs of different global markets, addressing industry pain points, innovating vaping experiences, and leading development trends, achieving comprehensive superiority in both TPD and NON-TPD markets.”

FEELM During the show, FEELM’s booth was bustling with visitors eager to experience the latest products. At the booth for the world’s first 30,000 puffs disposable solution with four-sided surrounded screen and ultra-high wattage, “Galaxy Display + Quattro Mesh,” visitors were amazed by its 4.8-inch surround screen and quad mesh combined with high wattage of 40W. Both are top-notch technologies in the industry, and under the unique “starry sky” visual presentation, visitors experienced the upgraded vaping experience brought by cutting-edge technology, making it irresistible.

FEELM The aesthetically pleasing modular product, the world’s first 18,000 puffs disposable with a Screen, Off Charge, became another “traffic king”. Its unique Möbius ring design offers different combinations for varied visual impacts and fun experiences, greatly enhancing the product’s playability. The reusable EPS module not only fits its own pod but can also charge phones and other vaping devices, significantly improving the product’s cost-performance ratio and opening doors to differentiated global markets.


“FEELM’s outstanding performance in the industry over the years deserves our highest honor.” said the organizers of THE MENA AWARDS.

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