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Every Flavor of Elux Legend 3500 Reviewed: It Lives Up to the Hype!

  • Wide range of flavors
  • Ergnomical
  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable airflow
  • No warm vapor coming out
  • Slow charging
Flavor - 9
Design & Quality - 8
Performance - 9
Charging - 7

As the hottest disposable product by Elux, the Elux Legend 3500 has numerous rich flavors. Unique, sweet, and fresh, there is everything in its pulls. Maybe Elux Legend doesn’t catch people’s eye as quickly as the Elf bar BC line-ups do, its rectangular column body provides a good grip and makes it more suitable for placement. Or rather, the understated classic design of Elux Legend 3500 just makes it more like a one-size-fits-all machine that can get along with everyone.

As Elux Legend has nearly 20 flavors available, we tried and tested each of them so you don’t have to. Learn everything about Elux Legend 3500 Puffs from our below review, and find which flavor you favor most!

ELUX Legend 3500

Best Elux Legend 3500 Flavor


#1 Fresh Mint

I really appreciate the Fresh Mint flavor. It tastes very fresh just like the flavor name and has a cold sensation in the mouth. It makes me feel refreshed and calmed. The smooth and mellow mint is like breathing the fresh air on a winter morning. It killed my tongue; I would highly recommend you to try it.

Blueberry 1

#2 Blueberry Raspberry

The blueberry raspberry offers juicy raspberry blended with sweet-tart blueberries for a classic smoothie taste. The mixed berries deliver a soothing taste, light and sweet but not greasy. It can bring you a pleasant day.

Peach Mango ELux Bar 3500 Puffs Disposable Vape Kit 20mg

#3 Peach Mango

The mixture of peach and mango is just right, you can taste the sweetness and sourness of the mango as well as the freshness of the peach. The mango doesn’t overpower the peach, so it’s like tasting a juicy mango-peach mix without being overly sweet, and you won’t get tired of vaping it all day.

Sour Apple Elux

#4 Sour Apple

If you don’t like the sour taste, you can avoid this flavor. But this sour apple doesn’t give you a weird sour taste, it’s like eating a non-greasy apple pie, it doesn’t stay in your mouth for long, and the sourness makes it not cloying. Although it doesn’t have ice, I can taste the icy sensation, which is a pleasant surprise.

Worst Elux Legend 3500 Flavor


#1 Fuji Melon

Few vape brands can do well with melon flavor, the Elux Legend 3500 is no exception to the rule. The melon flavor is thick and overly sweet, which affects the feeling of vaping. I don’t like the extra gooey flavor, while the melon sticks to my throat for a long time to dissipate the smell.


#2 Rye Breads

It’s actually oat pudding flavor. It tastes like eating a rice pudding with sugar. So weird. I don’t think anyone would like to try a rice flavored pudding. Of course, this is just my personal preference. I’m sure there are people who like this particular taste.

ELUX Legend 3500 Peach Blueberry Candy Disposable Vape NYKecigs The Gourmet Vapor Shop 600x crop center 31adafd1 cafb 4d90 a379 c02b3b692b43

#3 Peach Blueberry Candy

This mix of flavors is far less than Blueberry Raspberry. Blueberry candy overpowers peach. The mixture of their three towards a disaster. The excessively sweet and greasy taste is slow to dissipate in the mouth as if eating a thousand pounds of sugar.

Other Flavors

Fruit Mixes

Apple Peach Pear

Apple Peach Pear


The taste of the mixture of the three is not good nor bad, or more specifically not special at all. Generally, almost all more than three fruit flavors do not taste good in a blend, and it is no exception. However, it is not really too harsh to vape.


Blueberry Pomegranate


You can hardly taste the pomegranate, but it does have a freshness that dulls the sweetness of the blueberry. It’s refreshed and sweet, I kind of like it, though I still think can’t tell where pomegranate is regrettable.

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade


Unlike the traditional lemonades, the Pink Lemonade adds an ingredient of strawberry juice and other juice which makes it a bit sweet but does not overshadow the lemon flavor. It is refreshing and lightly sweet. Ideal for soothing the greasy feeling.

White Peach Razz

White Peach Razz


This is a rare flavor combination that bent peach with raspberry. Although the raspberry is too strong, you can hardly identify the aroma of peach, it still tastes great.


ELUX Legend 3500 Cotton Candy Disposable Vape NYKecigs The Gourmet Vapor Shop 600x crop center 8f8ac39f 9fec 47aa b675 61a73e9856a9

Cotton Candy


I was expecting it to be kind of soft and fluffy, but it was actually just plain sweet, not good or bad.

Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding


For those of you who like bananas, you may be addicted to Banana Pudding. It tastes just like banana pudding with a little bit of ice, so you can’t get tired of vaping it. You can feel the rounded texture of the cream. It this does far better than other brands of banana flavor.

ELUX Legend 3500 Jungle Juice Disposable Vape NYKecigs The Gourmet Vapor Shop 600x crop center 2a99b5db 8683 43b3 89c6 5804d6123f1c

Jungle Juice


To better capture the feeling of the jungle, Jungle Juice is bent with tantalizing coconut and smooth, rich cream. To be honest, too juicy for “Jungle”. The cream is greasy, but coconut tastes good.

ELUX Legend 3500 Tiger Blood Disposable Vape NYKecigs The Gourmet Vapor Shop 600x crop center 6a596c69 cd66 4538 829d 14bffd0195cb

Tiger Blood


Tiger Blood made a good combination of watermelon and strawberry with a hint of coconut. The coconut is quite a surprise. It adds a special aroma to tiger blood.

2 2203021I049

Unicorn Shake


It has a fantastic name. The unicorn shake is blended with apple, banana, and milk. I thought the banana milk was the perfect combination, but the addition of the apple made it a little weird. At the same time, it wasn’t too harsh to vape, though the three flavors didn’t blend very well.


2 210Q31J435

Blackcurrant Menthol


I especially love the cooling sensation that menthol gives me, and I also love the distinctive sweetness of the blackcurrant. The mix of the two was so great, but the blackcurrant was a bit overly sweet. I can taste sweet and fruity blackcurrant undertones with a minty fresh aftertaste.




The Clear is pure spearmint, with no other flavors added. It offers a unique menthol taste of spearmint. A distinctive, yet refreshing taste.

watermelon ice

Watermelon Ice


Watermelon Ice offers a big wedge of sweet. It is bent with juicy watermelon and in loads of refreshing menthol. Vaping on this gave us a cold first, then the sweetness of watermelon punches out. It’s like eating cold watermelon on a hot summer day. Chill and relax.

Design & Quality

Elux Legend 3500 has an elegant and simplistic appearance, with only simple words and a logo printed on top of the body. The rectangular columnar pod with a slightly convex roundness provides a great grip. The weight is light enough to carry around.

It comes in a variety of colors and flavors to pick from, with a unique multi-color paint job representing each flavor combo. Its mouthpiece is flat and ergonomic. On the base of it lies an airflow adjustment valve for fine-tuning the air allowed in, so actually we can have a bit of control over vapors created. We love to keep the air hole half-open when the draw is more restricted and delivers a more intense flavor and a better cooling effect.

Elux Legend 3500 Puffs feature 20 mg of nicotine strength in every ml of e-liquid, which helps you get the right buzz along the way. Also, there is no leaking.

How Long Does an Elux Legend 3500 Puffs Last?

Powered by a 1500mAh built-in battery and pre-loaded with 10ml e-liquid, Elux Legend can give an average user approximately 3500 puffs. For me, I vaped it 4-5 hours per day, and the battery can last about 5 days, so it is kind of impressive. During use, I recharged it once. While the disposable vape utilizes micro-USB charging, which performs not as well as Type-C charging devices.


Compared with Elf Bar BC3500, they are about the same price, both around £12, and even cheaper when getting coupons. While currently Elux legend 3500 is put up for sales mostly in UK e-commerce sites, most of which we found offer rather attractive discounts if you buy in bulk.

DSC04689 scaled


As one of the most popular disposable e-cigarettes, the Elux legend 3500 is worth trying. With 20mg nicotine, it gives you a kick but is not too stimulating, and the 3500 puffs are long-lasting. With fantastic flavors, good quality, and nice design, there is no reason you can refuse it.

Feel free to tell us your take on the Elux legend 3500 disposable vape in the comment section below!

Author: joyce

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