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MOTI·K Pro Pod System Kit Review – Dual Vaping Mode in a Starter Vape

  • Dual vaping mode
  • 3mL large capacity
  • 800mAh large battery
  • Fast charging
  • Smooth hand feel
  • The DLT mode is too icy for us
  • No tobacco flavor
Function - 9
Quality and Design - 9
Ease of Use - 8
Performance - 8.5
Price - 7.5

Another MOTI vape! MOTI·K Pro is a prefilled starter vape with a lot of innovative features. According to MOTI, the K Pro pod is equipped with a smart chip that records pod information, and the screen will display the info accordingly. MOTI K Pro, from its appearance, is a large-size pod system compared to others. The battery capacity is 800mAh and the charging rate is up to 4A. The pod capacity is 3mL. Are you interested in this smart and innovative pod kit? Let’s continue to read and find how do we like it!

moti k pro starter vape


  • Size: 111*26*13mm
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Resistance: 1.2Ω
  • Output Power: MTL: 7-9W, DTL: 9-12.5W
  • Pod Capacity: 3mL
  • Charging: Type-C
  • 4 colors available: Shiny Silver, Pink Sky, Aqua Blue, Royal Black
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Author: My Vape Review


  • Display screen
  • Dual vaping mode
  • 4C fast charging
My Vape Review

Author: My Vape Review

Package Content


  • 1 x MOTI K Pro Device
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 3 x MOTI Stickers
  • 1 x User Manual

MOTI K Pro Pod

  • 2 pods in one package
My Vape Review

Author: My Vape Review

Design & Quality & Ease of Use

MOTI K Pro is about twice the size of other vape pens, but the selfweight is light. We got the Pink Sky which is a pink-blue gradient color. The device is made of alloy zinc and MOTI uses CNC milling technique to control the color scheme. It has the great matte hand feel. The edges are smooth, too. The pod is also large in size. It’s all black and we can’t see the remaining liquid inside. But we do can check the liquid level by reading the screen. On the device, there are 8 airflow holes on top of the screen, and the charging port is on the bottom of the device.

moti k pro starter vapemoti k pro starter vape


MOTI K Pro has the innovative feature that the screen on it can show the info you need including the vaping mode you are currently at, liquid level, battery level, and nicotine strength. The pod is inserted with a RC4 chip that records these information and the device will then recognize them.

Other than the screen, MOTI K Pro supports two vaping modes on 1 pod. Just flip the pod and insert it into the device and you can switch between DTL (direct-to-lung) and MTL (mouth-to-lung). However, the pod itself doesn’t have any marks to indicate which side is the MTL/DTL. We found that if you match the side with flavor name on it with the device where the K Pro logo is at, it is the DTL mode. But you can also just try your luck by inserting the pod randomly. The screen will show you what mode it is right now after about 2 seconds, or you can take a drag and feel the vaping mode.

moti k pro starter vapemoti k pro starter vapemoti k pro starter vape

Note: According to MOTI, they have changed the display screen indicators recently and here is the latest version:

The liquid level has been changed from percentage to “empty-low-mid-full”



Vapor Production

Since K Pro has two vaping modes, how does it perform in different mode? The DTL mode is more like a RDL to us. Unfortunately, we only detected minor difference between the MTL and DTL. If you are looking for a much bigger cloud under the DTL mode, this might not be your choice.


We received 8 flavors. All of them are icy. The sweetness is at the medium level. Most of them are very refreshing and suitable for the hot summer. The biggest difference between the flavors under two modes is that the MTL is much more sweeter and less icy and DTL is much cooler and the sweetness is lessened a lot (applied to all flavors).

We will describe each flavor down below:

Passionfruit Breeze

DSC01527 scaled

The tangy aroma from passionfruit is impressive. It’s like having a cup of passionfruit tea. The sourness won’t be too overwhelming in case you don’t like passionfruit. This one is one of our favorites.

Tropical Mango

DSC01525 scaled

The mango flavor is not like those riped mango. The sweetness is not that rich but it is delivered in a refreshing way. Even though on the DTL mode, the sweet taste decreased, we could still taste the special aroma from mango.

Lime Grape

DSC01531 scaled

This flavor is a blend of sweet grape and sour lime. Lime adds the refreshing lemony sourness to the flavor profile. The grape in this flavor is more like those small rounded seedless green grapes. If you want to have grape juice with two slices of lime, go for it!

Oolong Tea

DSC01535 scaled

Oolong tea is one of the special flavors in all 8. The tea fragrance is strong. The bitterness from tea leaves is balanced with a hint of sweetness. We felt like we were having a cup of sweetened flower tea.

Lychee Ice

DSC01533 scaled

Lychee Ice is one of the sweet flavors. The lychee aroma is very strong. Real lychee fruits have a subtle sweet aroma. Lychee flavored food or drinks or vape juice are artificial and some like it some don’t. This one is the same. If you like lychee flavored products, we believe you will love this one.

Lemon Ice

DSC01539 scaled

This lemon ice flavor is very lemony. The sourness from lemon will make you drool as soon as you inhale it. You can taste a bit of sweetness in the aftertaste. What’s good with this one is that the sourness is tolerable, and it won’t give you sour tooth like real lemon does. If you don’t like sweet flavors, this one might be the one for you.

Sarsi Ice

DSC01529 scaled

Sarsi is a popular drink in South East Asia. It is a dark colored soda. It’s said to be made with a mix of plants such as ginger root, vanilla bean, sarsaparilla root and molasse. We’ve never had sarsi before so we didn’t know if the flavor was any similar to the drink. For the vape juice taste, it has a pungent taste that reminds us of the mints. It gives us a strong cooling sensation. The sweetness that comes along with every puff is subtle. It’s a really unique and interesting flavor.

Roasted Coffee

DSC01553 scaled

This roasted coffee is iced and diluted with water, in our opinions. We do can sense some aroma from the roasted coffee beans. It’s not the flavor that we will like at our first puff, but we start liking it after a few drags. Maybe it’s the caffein in it that makes us addicted (jk).


MOTI·K Pro starter vape is only available for purchase in Malaysia as of taday. It will be available soon in other regions, said by MOTI. The price for K Pro device is RM119-139 (approx. $27.7 – $32 (the price varies from the color). The K Por pods (2pcs/pack) are sold for RM27 (approx. $6.3).

Buy MOTI K Pro Device: RM119-139

Buy MOTI K Pro Pod: RM27

MOTI K Pro, from its MSRP, is shown to be a high-end vape kit. However, considering the price of RELX Infinity which is sold for $29.9 per device, the price of MOTI K Pro with the 3mL compatible K Pro pod is reasonable.


MOTI K Pro is undoubtable an innovative pod system. The one-step mode switch is like an airflow control that allows you to enjoy two different vaping experience. MOTI K Pro pods are best suitable for summer days since they are all cool and icy. This is also the first prefilled pod system we have ever used with a display screen. Through our review, we found it’s helpful when we run low on battery and liquid. However, due to the relatively high output power, the 3mL liquid is consumed fast.

MOTI K Pro is suitable for vape beginners, we would say. Though it seems complicated, the operation is simple. It doesn’t require any previous learning. If you are interested in trying DTL and are not satisfied with the simple MTL vaping, MOTI K Pro would be a great option for you.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to hear your suggestions and advices either for our review or for the products.

My Vape Review
Author: My Vape Review

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