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Suorin Air Mini 14W Pod Review: We Didn’t Expect It To Be That Tiny!

  • Stylish and slim design
  • Great hand-held feel
  • Easy to carry around
  • Packaging was difficult to get into
  • The coil is unable to be changed
Function - 8
Quality and Design - 9.5
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 7
Price - 9

Recently, we’ve been spending some time experimenting with different vaping devices to find the ultimate experience! Having already tried out Suorin Ace and really successful Suorin Air Pro, we’re intrigued by the lighter and slimmer Suorin Air Mini Pod Vape Kit, and want to see if it offers anything different.

We’re initially drawn in by its sleek style and promise of its lightweight feel, both of which we ended up being immensely pleased with. Let us take you through the rest of our thoughts about this new product by Suorin below!

Size: 32.3 x 75mm

Material: aluminium alloy + PCTG

Output Power: 14W

Resistance: 1.0Ω

Battery Capacity: 430mAh

Pod capacity: 2mL 

  • A Suorin Air Mini Kit (2ml cartridge included)
  • A Type-C battery cable
  • A user manual
  • A product postcard
suorin air mini

Design and Quality

suorin air mini

We knew from the website that we’d be impressed with the device’s overall look. The Suorin Air Mini pod system certainly lives up to its expectations of being stylish and sophisticated, and its compactness is handy too. We chose the red colour for testing, which really popped more than we’re expecting it to. It was incredibly bold and chic, perfect for showing off! The vape also includes the Suorin Air Mini logo on one side, with the text contrasting nicely with the colour.

As for the product’s quality, it seems pretty durable, and we haven’t had any leaks yet! The texture is nice to hold in your hand, although, like with the Suorin Ace product, we found it a little challenging to break into the packaging to access the product. While this was a bit irritating initially, we guess this tells us that the packaging is also durable!


Suorin Air Mini and Air Pro
Size of Suorin Air Pro and Suorin Air Mini

We love how lightweight the body of this device was – we much prefer it to the Suorin Ace and Suorin Air Pro for this reason, whose lightweight has surpassed most pod vapes already. This feature makes the Suorin Air Mini product great to hold and incredibly easy to carry around – whether in a big bag or a small pocket. We can’t fault the body’s shape and size – it’s not too little, but it’s not too big either, which is great for when you’re trying to fumble around for it in a bag or a drawer.

Battery & Charging

suorin air mini

The vape has a battery capacity of 430mAh, much less than the 930mAh Air Pro and also accounting for its tiny form factor. After charging for just thirty minutes with a Type-C Charging Port, we found we could use this vape for around 48 hours before needing to recharge it. Thus, it’s been great to take out and about with us during the day without worrying about constantly recharging it. It’s fantastic that it takes so little time to charge and lasts for so long –feels like we’re saving money and helping our environment by using such an efficient product!


suorin air mini

The instructions could have offered more detail but getting the vape to work is pretty straightforward. It’s the simplest and safest draw activation saving you from worries over accidental firing. We’ve not had any problems with the function of the Suorin Air Mini vape so far – we’re just hoping that’s not going to change anytime soon!

We like that the product comes with heat-resistant PCTG edible materials and a functioning RGB breathing light on the front, enhancing the experience between breaths.


As with the other Suorin products we’ve tried, the experience was straightforward, smooth, and pleasant. Its ability to perform on such a short charging time was impressive, and I think the mesh coil really works in terms of creating rich flavors.

But just like our experience with the Suorin Ace Kit, we thought the flavour of this vape was sweet enough but nothing memorable. Among all the Suorin offerings we’ve tested, the flavour delivery of Suorin Air Pro has always been the best. Saying this, the dual separate inhale airflows of Air Mini did create stability during inhalation and a pleasantly smooth experience.

Ease of Use

suorin air mini

This is basically a ready-made kit for anyone wanting to take up vaping quickly. While the packaging was a little hard to get into, using the vape and following the basic instructions was easy. With this in mind, beginners to vaping might want to test the Suorin Air Mini out, especially since there aren’t any complex parts to figure out. However, advanced vapers will also appreciate this device’s ease of use and portability compared to some of the more complicated vape mods out there.

The device is relatively simple to recharge with its provided battery cable, and we’ve had no problems with charging the body so far. It’s also incredibly straightforward to refill the pod without spilling the e-liquid, which is something we’ve struggled a bit with other vapes in the past.

Suorin Air Product Line Comparison

Suorin Air vs Suorin Air Mini vs Suorin Air Pro

对比图 scaled


  • Suorin Air Mini Pod Kit: $19.99 at YOUMEIT (Suorin official store)

We think this Suorin Air Mini is definitely worth its modest price at even less than $20, especially considering it’s still a relatively new launch. With the Air Mini, you can enjoy a stylish look, durability, and decent function, so it’s worth it if you’re on the hunt for a cheaper vape but aren’t too fussy about the more advanced features.


Overall, we think the Suorin Air Mini Pod Kit has much to offer regarding its sleek style, design, and functionality. This is a great little product to carry around on the go and is also straightforward enough for beginners to vaping. We think the strongest features are the bold look, slim design and battery capabilities – we still can’t get over that the product only takes half an hour to charge fully!

So, what are your thoughts about the Suorin Air Mini pod vape kit? Please let us know in the comments below!

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