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Vaporesso Osmall 2 Review: An Entry-Level MTL Device

  • Beginner-friendly MTL design
  • Light and slim
  • No leakage
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomics
  • Flavor delivery is moderate
  • Non-adjustable airflow
Design & Quality - 8
Battery and Charging - 8
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 7.5
Price - 8

Vaporesso recently launched a pod system named Osmall 2, a successor to the original Vaporesso Osmall. Powered by a 450mhA battery, it does not have too many complicated functions. Osmall 2 is equipped with a brand-new 1.2Ω coil and the pod capacity is 2ml. Its body is light and slim, thus bringing a great and comfortable grip.

Compared to the original Vaporesso Osmall, the Vaporesso Osmall 2 steps up its game a bit to better cater to the needs of vape novices. Are you interested in this simple and beginner-friendly MTL device? Down to the page, let’s learn about its design and other more, to find out which may hit you!

Vaporesso Osmall 2

Dimensions: 86.8*26.5*13.5mm

POD Capacity: 2ml

Resistance: 1.2Ω

Battery Capacity: 450mAh

Charging Current: Type-C, 5V/0.5A

7 colors available: Black, Silver, Grey, Blue, Green, Gold, Pink.



1 x Type-C USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Vaporesso Osmall 2

Design & Build Quality

Body Design

At a glance, the design of Vaporesso Osmall 2 is not different from the first generation Osmall, coming with the same slim, rectangular body. Whilst its decoration on the front and back has been changed, bringing a more delicate and compact ripple pattern in relief. Anyways the overall appearance is still on the underrated and conservative side.

Moreover, there is a silver band of metal in the middle of the front face, on which the brand and product name are engraved, with an LED light on it. The main purpose of the LED light is for indicating the charging level. The white light is on when the pod system is plugged in, and will go off when the battery is full.

Pod Design

The Osmall 2 body comes compatible with both the original Osmall pod and the latest Osmall 2 pod, which should mean that the first generation Osmall can also work with both. We compared the design and craftsmanship of the two but didn’t find too many differences.

The two pods are both narrower and narrower from the bottom to the top. They both use traditional side-fill systems—you have to pull out the cartridge first and then fill it with the e-juice, so it’s super convenient to operate. What’s more, their mouthpieces are both very comfortable and ergonomic, which perfectly fit the shape of the mouth. The MTL inhalation experience is surprisingly good.


DSC04413 scaled

The good grace is that the rubber lid on the fill port fits tightly enough, so there is no liquid leakage; however, the fill port is a bit too small, and the whole pod cartridge is very flat, so you have to be patient and take your time to fill the e-juice, as once you squeeze the bottle too hard, it may spill out

Battery and Charging

vaporesso Osmall 2 charge

The Vaporesso Osmall 2 boasts a 29% bigger battery capacity than the previous one, at 450 mAh. But frankly, 450mAh battery capacity is quite small. After we vape it about four or five hours, it needs to be charged.

It has a Type-C charging port, which features a 5V/0.5A charging rate. We must say 0.5A is certainly much worse than 2A Fast charging, but the battery capacity is not large. So basically you fully charge the device within forty to fifty minutes.

Ease of Use

The Vaporesso Osmall 2 is easy to use than a majority of pod systems in vape market. There is no need for you to do anything else except filling and charging, not even switching to a new coil since the coil is built-in. Once you notice flavor loss or burnt taste from it, toss the entire pod and change to a new one. Of course, there is one thing to note, after finishing your first filing, remember to prime the coil for about 10 minutes, after which it will be a completely foolproof plug-and-play device.

But from a personal point of view, it might be too simple to allow for any versatility. Airflow and wattage are completely non-adjustable, and the Osmall 2 only provides a 1.2ohm pod, so there is no chance to feel any change in the whole vaping process.


The vapor of Vaporesso Osmall 2 is warm and smooth. And it does have a nice punch in the throat.

The flavor delivery is moderate. The smoothness is great though. The pod vape’s pre-built coil performs well in pumping out mellow clouds, especially compared to the previous Xros Nano. The Osmall 2 seems to do than its predecessors in terms of vapor production, but not too excellent.


  • Vaporesso Osmall 2 MSRP: 13.5 USD

It’s a slightly below-average price in the vape market. Clearly, Osmall should be an affordable product line that Vaporesso wants to build, targeting only very junior vape beginners.

Considering the fact that there is really a single function and no outstanding vapor performance, this price is not honestly a highlight


In summary, Vaporesso Osmall 2 is undoubtedly a beginner-friendly pod system. Its design is modest and calm. With a good grip, it is not only lightweight but easy to carry. There are not many complicated functions, plus the oil filling operation is convenient and the oil leakage protection is not bad. Similarly, the battery capacity, although small, but enough for a day’s use. The performance in flavor delivery may not good enough, but as an entry-level MTL device, it is still a good choice for you to try.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below about this Vaporesso Osmall 2 pod vape kit.

Author: joyce

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