Latest News: Innokin Launches Groundbreaking ‘Trine’ Pod Vaping System



According to a press release, Innokin has introduced Trine, a groundbreaking pod system that redefines the traditional structure by incorporating an atomizer, control, and removable battery.The brand claims that this 3-in-1 solution enhances the battery’s reusability, extending the lifespan of devices beyond that of a single battery and facilitating safe recycling.



Innokin Trine’s Technology Feature

Trine’s notable feature is its removable batteries for pod systems, which contribute to prolonging the overall lifespan of devices. This aspect ensures that the devices can be used for a longer duration, while also enabling safe recycling. The vape brand press release states that Trine is equipped with EcoDrain, an innovative battery discharge technology that establishes a new industry standard for eco-friendly battery disposal. The incorporation of EcoDrain effectively addresses the challenges surrounding the handling of discarded batteries by ensuring their safe discharge before recycling.

According to Innokin, Trine’s technology not only minimizes the risk of fires but also actively reduces the adverse environmental impact caused by battery waste. By prioritizing eco-friendly solutions, Innokin aims to provide consumers with a safer and more sustainable option for battery disposal.

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