Stunning Puffmi Meshbox Mini – The Compact Powerhouse of Flavor and Convenience

User Rating: 9
  • With 40 different flavors, users have an extensive range to choose from, ensuring a fresh and enjoyable experience every time.
  • Its small size makes it incredibly convenient to carry around without any bulk or significant weight.
  • Priced between $5 to $6, it offers fantastic value for the budget conscious. 
  • The 550 mAh battery is well-suited to the device's capacity, providing 6-8 hours of consistent vaping for most users.
  • Equipped with an eco-mesh coil, it delivers unbelievably smooth hits and excellent vapor production.
  • Its petite size, though an advantage for portability, may feel too small for users with larger hands.
  • While sufficient for moderate use, heavy vapers might find the need to replace the device more frequently.
Function - 9
Quality and Design - 9
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 9
Price - 9
Puffmi Meshbox Mini


1. Introduction

The Puffmi Meshbox Mini has hit the market, and it offers such a fun and flavor experience in a tiny package. With 40 different flavors, a 550 mAh battery, and a 2mL e-juice capacity, the Meshbox Mini packs a punch despite its size. Continue reading as we dive into the different aspects of this exciting disposable to see if this could be a great device for you!

Puffmi Meshbox Mini2. Flavor

The Puffmi Meshbox Mini comes in an incredible range of 40 different flavors, including Apple Peach Watermelon, Blue Razz Lemonade, Cola Ice, Fizzy Cherry, Fizzy Lemon Grape, Grape Strawberry, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Mango Strawberry Pineapple, Mint Ice, Peach Ice, Pineapple Peach Mango, Rainbow Candy, and many more


For review, we received 2 of these flavors: Blue Razz Lemonade and Apple Peach Watermelon.

Puffmi Meshbox MiniBlue Razz Lemonade – This flavor offers a tangy and refreshing fusion of zesty lemonade and sweet blue raspberries, creating a perfectly balanced and invigorating experience with each puff. 4/5


Apple Peach Watermelon – This flavor combines crispy apple, succulent peach, and juicy watermelon for a super refreshing and sweetly balanced blend that is a joy to vape. 5/5

3. Design & Quality

The most notable feature of the Puffmi Meshbox Mini is its size! This is truly a mini disposable at just 1.38in x 0.65in x 2.31in (35mm x 16.5mm x 58.7mm). These dimensions mean that the Meshbox Mini fits completely in the palm of your hand.

Puffmi Meshbox MiniBesides the size, the Meshbox Mini is disposable with striking visual appeal. The two-tone body is half shiny metallic and half plastic. The color selections are bold and beautiful and complement the flavor profiles. The Puffmi branding and flavor name are printed on the front of the device, and the offset mouthpiece is molded directly from the plastic body.


There is no charging port because the device is intended to be a single-charge disposable.

3.1 Does the Puffmi Meshbox Mini leak?

Users of the Puffmi Meshbox Mini will enjoy a leak-free experience thanks to its solid build and tight seals. There are no messes to worry about!

Puffmi Meshbox Mini3.2 Durability

Despite being designed for single-charge use, the Meshbox Mini doesn’t compromise on durability. Its robust construction is built to endure the rigors of daily life, from accidental drops to the usual wear and tear. Whether tucked into a pocket, tossed into a bag, or used on the go, users can count on the Meshbox Mini to withstand their everyday activities while maintaining its performance and integrity.

3.3 Ergonomics

The Meshbox Mini excels in its ergonomic design, boasting a sleek and compact form that’s far from bulky. Its super small and lightweight nature makes it an ideal companion for all-day carry, ensuring it won’t weigh you down or be a nuisance to transport. While its petite size and feather-light build are perfect for slipping into pockets and bags, those with larger hands might find it a tad small.

However, for the majority seeking convenience and ease, the Meshbox Mini fits the bill perfectly, offering comfort and portability in a tiny, efficient package.

4. Battery and Charging

The Meshbox Mini is equipped with a 550 mAh battery, designed for a single-use charge that efficiently powers through its entire 3.5 mL e-juice capacity. For the average user, this translates to roughly 6-8 hours of consistent vaping, making it a reliable option for moderate vapers who can expect a few days’ worth of use from a single charge. Heavy vapers, on the other hand, might find themselves using all the battery life within one to two days.

5. Performance

The Meshbox Mini may be small, but it packs a punch when it comes to performance, offering no compromise on flavor or vapor production. Users can expect delicious and bold flavors delivered consistently.

Puffmi Meshbox MiniIt provides an excellent Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vaping experience, making it ideal for those who enjoy the sensation of drawing vapor into the mouth before inhaling into the lungs. Despite its compact size, the Meshbox Mini surprises with its amazing vapor production, standing out as a small device with big capabilities.


One of the key features contributing to its performance is the eco-mesh coil, which not only aids in efficient heating but also ensures that every hit is unbelievably smooth.

6. Price

The Meshbox Mini is positioned as an affordable option in the vaping market, with a price tag ranging between $5 to $6, depending on the retailer. This competitive pricing makes it accessible for most vapers, allowing them to enjoy a high-quality vaping experience without breaking the bank.


The affordability also means vapers can conveniently purchase multiple units at once, giving them the freedom to explore various flavors and always have a fresh, flavorful experience on hand.

7. Verdict

This tiny titan proves that great things indeed come in small packages, offering a vaping experience that punches well above its weight class. With a stunning array of 40 flavors, the Meshbox Mini isn’t just playing the game; it’s setting a new standard for variety and taste. Each flavor is more than just a puff; it’s a bold statement of deliciousness, with every inhale bringing a consistent and delightful burst of quality.


ts design is a perfect blend of form and function. The Meshbox Mini fits in your life as easily as it fits in your pocket, blending seamless ergonomics with a robust build that’s ready to take on the day with you.


But perhaps the most compelling part is the price. At just $5 to $6, it’s almost a steal. This isn’t just an affordable vape; it’s your ticket to a world of flavor and convenience without the usual price tag.

The Meshbox Mini isn’t just a choice – it’s a statement that you don’t need to compromise on quality or experience, even when you’re looking for something a bit more disposable. So, if you’re on the hunt for a vape that brings the flavor, fits your life, and respects your wallet, the Puffmi Meshbox Mini might just be the tiny champion you’ve been waiting for.


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